Wednesday 12 December 2018

True leader – Qualities of true leaders

A true leader focuses on people, not power. Don't become a title-driven leader, be a relationship-driven leader. You can't lead people unless you value every relationship and understand them.

A good leader is a person who has a little more than his share of blame, little share of the credit. When he got to the border, he travel by foot, reviewing the last stronghold and none of the soldiers crossing paths with him realize that they were being visit by a Supreme Leader at that time.


When running far enough, it has stop seeing people who work hard with a watch in a corporal shouting loudly. After the close, Washington saw that the heavy wood was mire in a trench. He notice the corporal yells, " pull with the message ...! pull to the top, where is the power of you ... Come on pull is stronger again!" Corporal shout enthusiasm without giving aid to his men.

When the train was almost out of the trenches, soldiers were off balance because of the slippery land shroud in snow. The corporal with a tone of screaming, "come on, don't lack clusters, one, two, three! Come on strong thrust!" The army try again with all its might and when the train was going to slip a second time, Washington ran and directly provide assistance.


Together with the troops, Washington battle for encouraging and helping the youngster. Finally, the train containing heavy wooden was successfully eject from the trenches. Face-to-face pale and lethargy seen from the look of the soldiers who were happy to Pat, and don't forget to give a big thank you to the mysterious helper.

Leadership !


Washington immediately said to the corporal, "why don't you give succor to your servants, even though you know they desperately need your help?" Startle by rebuke that is not familiar, the corporal reply,

"why should I help them, no, you know is talking as a corporal?"

Washington says,

"I know you are a corporal (while opening his coat, Washington show his cloak) and I was a supreme leader in this country. The next time you need to push this heavy train out of the trenches, I will be happy to help. "

Charismatic leadership often describes antecedent in the clever talk, enthusiastic, and able to motivate followers. However, Washington shows true leadership that exists with no need to provide succor which is very need by his followers. Remember, your position is not that determines whether you're a leader in your group. Your contribution can be given to your group.

This world needs a leader who can foster his team, a leader who can foster a sense of trust in his high quality by example and role models. A leader must be the person who gave the supreme sacrifice, he has always been the forefront of defending his followers, bears the risk of being the most heavy, and when award, he has to pay attention to his followers and not to himself.

Whatever your position is at your place of work, especially for those of you who have subordinates or followers / referrals, ask and take a look at what can you do for them. Do it with passion, you don't need to be too difficult to ask your followers follow what you want.

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