Tuesday 11 December 2018

70-20-10 development model for training

The 70-20-10 Model for Learning and Development is a commonly use formula within the training profession to describe the optimal sources of learning by successful managers. It holds that individuals obtain 70 percent of their knowledge from job-related experiences, 20 percent from interactions with others, and 10 percent from formal educational events.


70-20-10 employee training conceptTravel writers in the climate change culture and system in the enterprise, delivering on a science-theme development 70-20-10. Given the business is heavily influence on the ability of the organization i.e. employees began the present managerial level to implement. Various methods of training are organize either through training classes, seminars and briefings to direct practice training in fields.

The goal is to create a business excellence. But sometimes the treatment of development and development of our employees who have held incapable of adopting internal business and external performance factors are complex and uncontrollable. A measure of knowledge increase, knowledge and skill is just as a newspaper, read a negative past paper plant (nice on paper). Then need a structure and systematic development method, namely systematic 702010. But sometimes, the behavior has been good. But the results were not achieve; Here's what needs the empathy of a leader and coaching activities.

The concept

The competency / capabilities of someone is a short term results that spur long-term results from the availability of knowledge, skills and positive behaviors. That encourage the creation of effective results. Referring to the theory of science of Six Sigma in process management is the result of a process that is good, the result of a good behavior. The challenge of being able to encourage the achievement of business results?

Y = f (x 1, x 2, Xn)

The proper process is not going to betray the results!

Our intelligence is locate in analyzing the competence of X 1, x 2, etc. are able to encourage the achievement of business results. However it is not easy, given the importance of facilitator development and also the cooperation of all parties to understand a competence to achieve results.

Model for Employee training

Training is one of the treatments that can be use to prevent problems that can occur in the future. An admin at this time felt less English skills so that need training. It is reactive. And there's an administration already qualify in English, but 3-5 the coming year Chinese will be require to be in the line of business development of the company. Then a single Chinese language training programs, and the commitment of the company to manage internal employees. Active terms also hung with the long-term strategy of the company, especially in human capital management.

Systematic 70-20-10 Model

In conducting employee development, coaching in only about 10% of the performance of the business, 20% of direct supervisors of coaching factors, and 70% of the work to implement theories in classrooms were accompanied by the immediate supervisor as a coach.

Theory & Practice

We are sure, the theory without practice is useless for the business. In terms of time and resources require will also refers to the portion of this percentage includes role training manager in ensuring a holistic process running. A simple illustration is as follows:

Mr. Amir is a gen set engine technicians want to develop his ability to engineer the engine coolant. He follows the cooling machine training for 10 hours in 2 days. After the training, then the employer will give examples of practice how to refit the engine coolant, could also be accompanied by external parties will understand more of the engine coolant as resource person (subject Matter Expert).

Practice demonstrate, then Mr. Amir follows the practices that have been done by external parties / next boss Amir's task is to be responsible for the repair of cooling machines. Superiors set a target downloads or bullets Mr. Amir so that the quality of training of capable monitor its development time for the sake of time.

Each week reviewing the boss and Mr. Amir is a teacher of learning towards the achievement of the task, discuss improvements to the machine. Coaching is a two-way discussion with a work atmosphere that motivates the not judging, the existence of evidence of the caliber of leadership quality a leader.


A formula of 10 x 20 x 70 = 14,000 this multiplication will inspire us. While coaching the boss is 10 and the training in the class itself is only 5 points then the total points obtain is 30x10x5 = 1500 points only.

Practice and the assignment without coaching and without enough theory. Then business science performance will not be uplifting, on the impact of the short term let alone long term will stumble.

The assignment of the high, low, but the coaching high training will make it difficult to be develop / promote. The residents are call "Solid Citizen". Super duper high assignments, coaching and training, high-performance too-fitting quality problems of the level. Then the job will be high as well the mood of the work environment will not be conducive. To reaching a long term business. The training or talent management after the strong commitment from business owners. It is the main factor of success of employee development.

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