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The strategy of 5S method is effective in process

The success of many companies in the world in applying the 5S method has become the fundamental initial foothold as a fundamental part in declaring the application of continuous improvement strategy (continuous improvement) so placing method 5s as one of the important elements in conducting the implementation of Lean Management that are currently popular.

5s is a system to reduce waste and optimize productivity through the creation of regular workplace, clean, systematic way using visual cues to achieve an effective operational results if run with consistent.

The term 5S have differing from Japan known as the abbreviation of:

  1. Seiri (Sorting) : identify and set aside which is not require of workplaces with only the necessary items only.

  2. Seiton (Setup) : set all items with easy clean clean visually look for ease of use and retrieval if need as well as allowing goods lost and less can be identify quickly.

  3. The Seiso (Cleansing) : do the cleanup systematically and consistently around work areas in order to make the work of se days easier, presentable, clean and efficient.

  4. Setsuke (Consolidation): ensure that everyone knows what to do/it is expect that it can avoid the potential discrepancies/problems that arise.

  5. Seiketsu (Conditioning): creating a culture with a set of values share by maintaining all four of the above.

Historically the 5S was originally an embryo of management style of Japan known as part of the management of the workplace's most fundamental and very effective for disciplining its employees in managing workplace with clean, clean, organize, productive and culture.

Along with the development of rapid and widely adopt by major companies in the world today, in Business the system can be translate and is known by the term 5R. But basically there is no difference between the "5S" and "5R".

5S clean up program

Although initially many consider 5S only as clean-up programs, but along with its development has proven that if this system is apply in earnest, systemic and right on target turns directly physically have a significant role in propping up the creation of a productive work culture to support the improvement of the performance of companies that have an impact on the effectiveness of production capacity, product quality improvement, cost reduction, proper shipping time, guarantee the creation of safety as well as improve services across multiple service companies that implement it.

The rest 5S also turn out to be able to create a work pattern with high discipline, immoral and a control work environment with a clean/healthy and comfortable so that it can create the impression that tallying anyone including the its customers.

5S method

Nevertheless, based on our search, on the other hand does little companies that try to apply methods of 5S thus feel fails and does not contribute towards the company's performance which means to be achieve.

Why ...?

one reason is the lack of a shared commitment to a consistent and full support from top management level in running system of 5S. It must be realized that the application of the method of 5S is a team-based approach/groups that require the support of top management and the involvement of all employees in the work area so that it is always concerned with the environment it works through action monitor, identify and then evaluate it on the basis of high to always do the repair.

Reference from the company that successfully applying this system it can be conclude that to obtain optimum performance implementation of 5S should be done under the guidance of an experience either through internal implementer have been train that comes within the scope of the concern company or hire a consultant expert to provide in-house training 5S as an effort to provide an understanding of the standard to all employees concern.


Because through the implementation of the overall training expect all employees will be given an adequate understanding in order to have the same mindset in the implementation stage of the stages of the application of the 5S is true and effective.

Those involve in the handling of the 5S are expect to resolve every aspect that could potentially be a source that causes waste found in a work environment that is not well even visually can be shows the impression very badly and chaotic aspects of productivity, cost, product or service system completes on schedule.

Implementation methods of 5S

Implementation methods of 5S open action activities perform only once or for a moment that only done depending on the condition and the willingness of top level management which usually reacts to propose a new corrective actions when it happens problems that appear suddenly, but must be an activity that is done on a regular basis in the context of the company/organization that should be built as a manifestation of the Act of spontaneous and continuous improvement.

As an initial step in the strategic implementation of 5S preferably should be derive from changing the paradigm of employees to cope with the lack of tolerance against employee attitude and mindset in dealing with things that are not the usual standard occurs in a work environment.

Company/organization level in large and medium stages of effective strategies in starting implementation of 5S method in the context of the company collectively throughout this section are:

Form a Team 5S

The first stage should be taken in applying the 5S method is to form the core team of implementing 5S from different Department/section of a work. Team members must be well-organized 5S as well as provide an adequate understanding of the application of the 5S are systematic and right on target. Why? Because when mastery/understanding 5S from team members that form not possible then strides that must be taken is to send some of them to get a supply sufficient understanding through application of the 5S training outside corporate environment.

An alternative that is often done parties companies can bring in trainers from outside companies to do the 5S training workshop aims to optimize the understanding of the application of the 5S. This way will be more effective because it can be use as the event of the introduction of 5S to the entire nor any employees, team members can also constitute a momentum to the creation of the initiative to get the idea/the new notion better in optimize the results of the application of the 5S will be run.

Design a system Implementing 5S

Before starting, the team had to devise and plan the implementation of 5S System a good suit actual conditions at the company. Do the observation in the field to look at and evaluate directly the actual work situation so completely point out on actualizing the system of work in progress in field. Take a look at the situation of the area of the working environment there are, how people work, how much work is done and the tools and the facilities that are use in each section, material handling and how the materials you apply.

Whether There are several factors that could potentially cause accidents etc. Conclude whether all activities that do have a major impact against the onset of many movements that are not effective because the human factor, tools, methods of work, the work environment and storage materials less well so that it becomes a source of potentially bring in waste. From the records of the monitoring conducted by the team, could become an alternative to consideration in the implementation of 5S System plan broke.

The method of application of the 5S is a team concept is done in a comprehensive and integrate in a given area of work, it requires the participation of all parties to design, implementer and maintain it all fit with the character of the place in isolation work each part. In this step the team should formulate rules and ordinances concerning the procedures and stages of the implementation of 5S that will become a reference in its implementation by formulating things:

2.1 design the SOP implementation of 5S.

Assignment guidelines that can serve as rules of procedures for the implementation of 5S in the form of SOP (Standard Operational Procedures) are the things that need to be clearly define, informative and easily understood. As this is a affection and commitment together so that each of the parties involve in the boarding 5S have the same reference that is directly supporting the Equalization mindset, how about addressing the implementation method of the systematic 5S.

2.2 5S Audit Sheets Designing standard

To ensure the performance of the implementation of 5S in order to program implementation can be done with the right on target then require activities which is the stage of the inspection 5S are schedule. In implementation mechanism need tools to measure and evaluate the performance results of the usual 5S call "Sheet Inspection 5S". There are several important elements in making the inspection sheet 5S are:

(1) breakdown of the score or the results of an audit that is usually determine by a scale value of 1 -5,

(2) the description element is emphasize to be the main targets of the assessment of the implementation of 5S.

(3) The resulting Score of each of the elements of the assessment that is direct into the focus of the audit will be fill directly by evaluates or inspector 5S. The elaboration of contents Description objectives should be the focus of inspection inspection/evaluation 5S can be different in every area of inspection are the responsibility of each section/working group, in accordance with the conditions and its operational character.

Implementation of the inspection/evaluation of the implementation of 5S system done on a schedule basis team both short term and long term. Many companies are inspection/evaluation of 5S with the concern department manager involve as an aspect that can enthuse employees. There is no one size fits all approach, but every step of the system should be implement, 5S monitor and constantly improve.

2.3 Arrange Audit 5S

To guarantee and control whether the implementation of 5S runs consistently then need to apply audit process 5S are schedule on an ongoing basis within a specify period. Did the application of auditing system 5S are tiered and multi-level where every level in the Organization had a role to get involve directly in making sure that the implementation of 5S running and growing well.

The audit is carry out using 5S audit form has compile a very useful purposes to evaluate how well the system works overall 5S for example whether there are systemic problems with maintaining 5S? The involvement of top management is highly expect in monitoring the results of the implementation of 5S because often companies, high level management involvement is the best motivator to perform the audit.

5S Pilot Project

While the draft procedures the implementation of 5S is resolved, the next step is to start to apply the method of implementation of 5S in accordance the procedure rules that have been set. To scale company large and medium organizations that, given availability of time from several different sections to set the exact time when start 5S then effective ways should initiate its application on one of the area/specific Dept. as a pilot project (pilot project) which can be done by involving multiple parties from cross employees. This way is very effective as an initial stage that serves as a pilot project which can then follow up and followed its application in another area.

Implementation of the pilot project would be more effective if carried out by a team selected in a 5S activity workshop. 5S team involved had to do an evaluation of the implementation by monitoring aspects of weaknesses that are still potentially going to then be evaluated in further improvement purposes.

Kick Off the implementation of 5S:

When the 5S System want applied and was introduced to all levels in the company, generally beginning with the official event sort of kick off at the same time as the notice of the commencement of the application container 5S officially to all employees preferably presented formally by the Board of Directors/management. This is very important because, besides the containers support granting full management are shown to all employees is also a form of action it directly can be expected particularly effective in pumping passion employees to come forward in hopes of giving birth to a strong sense of community commitment in running it every system that can advance the company.

Why does the above considered important? Because of some of our, many companies are implementing 5S system could not run well on an ongoing basis as expected because of the lack of commitment and a full supported of the Board of directors or Chairman companies/institutions that host them. Lack or absence of sociability understanding of the application and purpose of 5S to the whole range of its employees is also a thing that most substantial cause 5S failed implemented.

The importance of a kick-off activity in starting something company progress-based activity is the most appropriate moment to be able to put together the whole range of the employees involved. So at the moment this is the most appropriate to discuss, explain things that relate to the project and ask for support, commitment and cooperation of all employees.

The implementation of the strategic approach has a 5S stages that are necessary for any that run it. It takes an adequate training for employees who want to apply good because 5S method mastery methods as well as a basic knowledge of how to run 5S through the stages of an integrated training is very important in mind This is highly related to the quality of real implementation in the field. However, such early implementation of 5S must begin with a change in "mind set" its employees so as to strengthen the commitment of every party that is running.

Remember, that the application should be addressed to the extent no 5S activity in environmental clean-up work but the rest if their application can be designed in systematic way and integrated it will be able to be a tool that can discipline and build mental employees in work. Therefore, the design of the system and the procedure is an aspect that must take precedence and all it has to be guided and directed by an experienced instructor or trainer. The realization of a systematic way of implementing 5S will be boiled down to a target which is the most important stage of the implementation of 5S in favor of quality and efficiency because the results can eventually touch the positive cultural development in the work environment itself.

Carry out Auditing 5S

The truest and step right in ensuring the implementation of the program of implementation of 5S a stable and consistent procedures should be appropriate audit is an effective 5S where in the implementation of the audit can be applied in 5S scheduled as control measures are controlled and know by all relevant parties.

In addition to the audit of the implementation of 5S to be done in the scheduled audit however with random system that is spur of the moment by the top management for the avoid party which usually only apply the control activities, the 5S usually there are still parties just do it as the only preparation was done before held 5S audit.

The purpose of the implementation of the above audit at least can give notification signals are warning to always consistent in rules apply 5S to every employee to always monitor the progress of consistently implementing 5S applied. Most importantly, review the results and action items (good and bad) with the group responsible for the areas audited. By always expecting to get feedback and ideas of the employees.

The visualization of results achievement of 5S

Each application of the 5S have good cause and positively impact in propping up the achievement of the vision of a company as expected, namely the creation of a work environment that is clean, presentable, organized to create discipline employees who are high in work. To ensure a good and consistent management required transparent through application of performance achievement 5S visualization so that it is known to all parties ranging from the level of management ranks, even customer or anyone who are the working surroundings. The application of visual management system concerning the achievement of 5S at some companies use the Board that is accessible by anyone with presents important information about the progress of the implementation of 5S and findings existing problems such as: audit schedule 5S audit results, progress has been achieved in implementing 5S, reports of problems occurred, the location of the occurrence of the problem, who is responsible for doing the handling top the problem was discovered as well as the status of the completion of the repairs being done is already done or not.

The formation of the culture of 5S is good as expected can be an effective mechanism in discovering the potential improvement of the small and large scale due to the activities of the consistent and effective 5S will be able to find an existing waste aspect every work surroundings. And thus the more the creation of a successful 5S application and appropriate policy target management in running a successful 5S then will increasingly allow your team to do it kaizen (continuous Improvement/repair sustainability-based 5S with greater frequency with bigger results.

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