Sunday 16 December 2018

3 Key Lean Leadership

Key Lean Leadership

A Leadership is best defined by the ability to inspire others to be their best self. It could be the missing link between toolbox lean and a sustainable continuously improving organization. Speaking of leadership is not easy, a leader must be able to direct, motivate and inspire his team.

A Former president of the Toyota manufacturing in Kentucky named Fujio Cho told the leader/leaders must do 3 things i.e. the.

3 Keys to Lean Leadership

Go See.

"Management/Leader must spend time on the plant floor."
A leader must be down occasionally contributes the process directly so that not only the written report obtain when meeting, but can be directly verify with actual conditions in field.

Ask Why.

  • "Use the ' Why? ' technique daily" to identify the problem and find root cause

If it finds a problem, don't hesitate to teach the team the shop floor "patterns of thought" to multiply the root cause of the problem, so they will get used to searching for the root cause and make improvements so that the problem doesn't repeat

3. Show Respect.

  • "Respect your people"

  • "Respect your people"

A leader must appreciate the slightest participation or effort the shop floor to jointly advance the company. so they will feel "humanized" and will work more productive.

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