Friday 21 December 2018

The Role Of The Human Resources Department

Role Of The Human Resources Department[

Human resources department generally acts in an advisory capacity; it provides information, offers suggestions and is not responsible for the end results. The role of HRM must exercise control very tactfully in order to win the confidence and cooperation of all line managers.

It has to persuade the line managers to work with staff specialists and not against them. The authority of HR manager should derive from concrete HR policies and programs and from the advantage and result of accepted specialized knowledge.

In conjunction with managers and to carry out its functions, the human resources department has a role that is expected to help managers to achieve the objectives of the company

Advisory/Counseling Role

In this role, the Department of human resources serves as internal consultant in charge of gathering information, specify problem, determining solutions to those problems, and provide help and guidance in solving human resource problems faced by the company. The role of the human resources department is looking in his responsibilities regarding staffing, performance evaluation, training programs, and termination of employment relationships. In this case, the human resources department provides feedback that helps managers to take decisions.

As a change agent

HR Manager should work as an enabler and change agent regarding HR areas. They should be familiar with different disciplines like management, technology, sociology, psychology and organizational behavior. As organizational adaptability, viability and development are dependent on the human resources development.

So the HR managers should work as a consultant of an organizational development by providing necessary information and infrastructure to line managers. Thus, the role of HR managers is more concerned with providing information and offering advice to the decision makers rather than making decisions.

Service Role

In this role the human resources department do activities that provide services directly to the Manager. Dancer's training, orientation, perform logging, and reporting of the work is an example of this role.

As a Controller:

In carrying out this role, the human resources department on duty to control. The functions of human resource management within the company. The human resources Department release policy and control of human resources through these policies. So the human resources department acts as the representative of top management of the company. With a variety of regulations, this role is increasingly important in regulating the issue of safety, equal employment opportunity, labor relations, and compensation.

Nevertheless, it is still true that effective personnel executives advise on policies. That help managers in implementing their programs and provide service and exercise the monitoring and control function sparingly.

Source of Assistance:

In certain situations, (when line managers lack skill or knowledge in dealing with employee problems) experience. The HR managers assume line responsibility for personnel matters. But it may be resent by the very managers who ought to seek staff assistance in meeting their personnel responsibilities.

HR managers should learn the reputation and confidence of line managers of being a source of help. Rather than a source of threat to line managers. Staff assistance is likely to be effective when it is want rather than impose.

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