Friday 21 December 2018

7 Major Functions of human resources management (HRM)

In Business HRM functions. human resources management is concern with hiring, motivating and maintaining workforce within businesses. One of the primary functions where number & type of employees require to accomplish organizational goals are determine.

Basic of Functions of human resources management


This function consists of three important activities, namely, planning, withdrawal, and selection of human resources. Actually managers responsible for anticipate it human resources needs. Growing the company, managers are becoming more dependent on the human resources department to collect information on the composition and skills of the workforce at this time.

Despite the withdrawal of the labor is done entirely by the human resources department, other departments remained involved with providing a description of the job spec to assist the process of withdrawal.

In the selection process, the human resources department do filtering through interviews, tests, and investigate the background of applicants. Responsibility the human resources department to procure these manpower increases with the presence of the law on equal employment opportunities and various terms needed company.

Performance Evaluation

Performance assessment of human resources is the responsibility of the Department of human resources and managers. Managers bear primary responsibility for evaluating his subordinates and the human resources department is responsible for developing an effective performance assessment form and ensure that performance appraisal is done by all part of the company.

Human resources management also needs to do the training of its managers on how to make a good performance standards and make an accurate performance assessment.


In terms of compensation/reward needed a good coordination between the Ministry of human resources with the managers. The manager shall be responsible for salary increases, while the human resources department is responsible for developing a good salary structure. Compensation system requires a balance between the payments and benefits provided to the workforce. The payments include salaries, bonuses, incentives, and the Division of profits earned by the employee. Benefits include health insurance, life insurance, leave, and so on. The human resources department is responsible for ensuring that compensation is granted are competitive among companies of its kind, fair, fit. with applicable law (e.g.: UMR), and provide motivation.

Training and Development

The human resources department is responsible for assisting the managers into coaches and advisory is good for his subordinates, creating a control program for effective training and development for both new hires (orientation) as well as the There is already a (skills development), involved in the training and development programs, estimates the company will need training programs and the development of hand, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of training and development program.

Responsibility the human resources department in this case also concerns the issue of the termination of the working relationship of responsibility helps corporate restructuring and provide solutions to the conflicts that occur in the company.

Employee Relations

In the company that owns the States the worker, the human resources department plays an active role in negotiating and take care of the issue of consent with the unions. Help companies confront unions are the responsibility of the human resources department.

After the agreement was agreed upon, the human resources department help managers about how to take care of the approval and avoid more complaints. The primary responsibility of the human resources of the department is to avoid practices that are not healthy (for example: demonstrations). In a company that does not have labor unions, the Department of human resources needed to engage in employee relations.

In General, the employees did not join the Guild if their pay is quite adequate. They believe that the company is responsible for their needs. The human resources department in this case need to ascertain. Whether the employees treat them well and is there a good way and clearly to resolve complaints. Every company, both have unions or not, requires a resolute way to improve discipline. Even and resolve complaints in an attempt to overcome. The problems and protect the workforce.

Safety and Health

Every company is oblige to have and implement a safety program. To reduce the incidence of unwanted and create a healthy condition. Labor need to be reminds constantly about the importance of safety of an effective safety program. It can help to reduce the number of accidents and improve the health of the workforce in General. The human resources department has the primary responsibility to conduct training on safety, identify and correct the conditions. That compromise the work force, and reporting the existence of a work accident.

Personnel Research

In its efforts to improve the effectiveness of the company's human resources department. Doing an analysis of the problems of individuals and companies as well as make the appropriate changes. The problems often noted by the human resources department is the cause of the occurrence of absence and tardiness employees. How the procedure of withdrawal and the selection is good, and the cause of labor discontent. The human resources department is responsible for collecting and analyzing information that pertain to this problem. The result used assess whether existing policies need changes or not.

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