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The relationship of work productivity and morale

As in the previous discussion in the spirit of the work; The definition and its aspects mentioned that morale is a condition of someone who support him to do the job faster and better in a company. Conditions do the job faster and better is the image of the beginning of on the productivity of an employee in the work.

It can be said that there is a direct relationship between the tendency of high productivity and high spirits. Under the condition of spirit, a profitable production is difficult it is possible for a long time.


When the spirit of bad reduced productivity. Lower profits could mean fewer salary earnings in the future. A full environmental and cumulative then occur, because it can affect the spirit of the salary.

But high spirits should not lead to high productivity, it is just one influence though important in the overall production. A working group can be happy, if as a result of social relations that have their impact in the job, but maybe they are so busy just up to its productivity low. Their morale is high because of the lack of effective leadership.

It is obvious, because the high spirits affect productivity in profitable, then it should be accompanied by guidance of management and supervision”.The work Attitude is the result of the assessment or evaluation of persons or events in the workplace are satisfactory, good, fun, beneficial or otherwise.

This concept is most often understood through job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

Organizational Commitment

"Job satisfaction related to morale. If a person feels satisfied towards the treatment he received at work, then they will be eager to work exceeds what is expected”. The is the first person providing an understanding of the concept of job satisfaction. They contended that "job satisfaction may be suspected from a person's attitude towards his work".

Then argued that in essence, the "job satisfaction depends on what the person wants from her work and what they earn. Most people do not feel satisfied are those who have a desire the most, but received the least. While the most satisfied is the one that wants a lot and get it "thing is also express by; by revealing that the satisfaction is "a function of the degree of harmony between what is expect with what can be obtain, or between necessity and rewards".

The employee desires

"various types of human needs (human needs) will be reflect from various desires of the employees towards his work. Although this desire can be vary, some desire (wants) the following is a variety of common desire express”:

Salary/wages .

  1. Salary could be use to satisfy the needs of the psychological, social or egotistical. Therefore, no wonder if many or even most employees want high wages from his job.

  2. The work that provides steady income is one of the expectations of the employees. This desire can be prove by the number of registrants to be civil servants (because no guarantee pension).

  3. Compact co-workers. This desire is a mirror of social needs. An employee may be promote to spread out, just because it does not want to lose a co-worker of the Compact.

  4. Respect for the job to run. This desire comes from the need of egotistical, which can be realize with honors, prizes (in the form of money or not), it was announce to fellow the work and so on.

  5. The work means. This desire is an embodiment of the need to Excel. Maybe in this century this desire somewhat difficult, especially with the onset of a sharp specialties.

  6. Opportunity to go forward. Although perhaps not all employees want to be promoted (due to social reasons) but generally everyone wants to move forward in her life.

  7. Working conditions that are safe, comfortable, and interesting. A safe working condition comes from the need for a sense of security (safety needs). A comfortable working place and interesting actually rather a prestige (status symbol), and allocate to things that are "status symbol" is also quite difficult, as expenditure.

  8. The leadership of the just and wise. The leader is no guarantee that a job will still be maintain (physiological and security needs). Likewise, the leadership of which is not one-side, will guarantee the peace of work.

  9. Briefing and a reasonable command. Both of these things actually cannot be separate from the wise leadership. The briefing is require to keep the implementation is not distort, and commands that are reasonably necessary for successful implementation.

  10. Organization/workplace value community. This is a reflection of the desire of social needs.


Function of the maintenance employees regarding activities to nurture the physical and mental condition of the employee, a condition that will be create by the withdrawal of a good employee, development, the granting of compensation and its integrity and will be follow by keeper. But the need to give special attention to efforts to maintain the health and attitude of the employees. Employee service program helps keep the spirit of the (morale) employees.

Of course because of concerns the issue of morale, this problem can we enter in the integration function, namely to create an employee who is not only able to work but must also be able to cooperate.

Various forms of employee service program are group into three parts, namely:

  1. Economic issues that concern the employees.

  2. Recreation/entertainment Program.

  3. Program the provision of facilities for the employees.

The principles of employee service program

"The main principle of the program is to make a profit (yield) obtain a minimum can be use for closing costs. In addition to this principle, can be mention some other principle. Those principles are:

  1. The employee is direct to satisfy the actual needs.

  2. This service is limit to activities which are more effectively run in groups rather than individually.

  3. Service perform using base possible.

  4. The cost of this service program can be compute, and clearly specify to the provision basic spending.

Suggests that job satisfaction can be influence by factors that can be group into 4 groups, namely:

  1. Monetary, non-monetary

  2. The characteristics of the job (job characteristics)

  3. Characteristics of work (work last), and

  4. The characteristics of the individual.

Work Characteristics

Different work Characteristics with characteristic of work due to the characteristics of the work relating to the work itself, where he deals with the manner in which employees assess existing tasks in his job. Whereas the characteristics of the work are also refer to as the nature of environment are factors that supposedly can help or hinder employees in execution in his duties.

"defines the organizational commitment as a concept that has three dimensions, namely effective, continuance, and normative commitment. Effective commitment is the degree of how far someone employees emotionally bound, know, and be involve in the organization. Continuance commitment is an assessment of the costs associate with leaving the organization.

Normative commitment refers to the level of how far someone in psychological bound to become an employee of an organization that is base on such a feeling of loyalty, warmth, possession, pride, pleasure, happiness, and others "

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