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The flow of Production process

flow of Production process

Production is one of the most important part of the manufacturing company which deals with the transformation of various Inputs into outputs (products) in accordance with the quality standards specified. Whereas the definition of the production process is a series of steps that are used to transform the Input into the Output.

In the production process, it takes two main resources i.e. transformation resources and resources that are transformed. Transformation of which resources such as manpower, production machines, equipment and building/building.


While resources are transformed is raw materials, supporting materials and components. That will be transform into the final product.

When it wants to start production, the manufacturing company management should plan and choose the genre of production processes. To be use depending on the needs of capital, production facilities, technology, labor, raw materials and systems. The available information as well as customer's request against the number and shape of the product to be in the production.

Every genre of the production process has advantages and disadvantages so that the management company must consider it in accordance with the conditions of the company in order to maximize profit.

Type-the type of Production Process Flow

Basically, the flow of the production process can be distinguish into three types namely, Job Shop, Flow Shop and the Project. But the third type are developed and modified so that there are more types of production processes known as Batch and Continuous. Below is a brief discussion regarding the flow of Job shop production process, flow shop, project, batch and continuous.

Job Shop Production

Job Shop is kind of the flow of the production process use for products with a total production of slightly but many models or variants. The products of "custom-made" should follow the design of the unique and special specifications from the customer with the specify time and cost usually uses the genre of this production process. The purpose of the Job Shop production is to meet the special needs of customers.

In General, the production process with the Job Shop is not using the production lines (Production Line) specifically for working on it.

Characteristics of the production process of Job Shop Production are as follows:

  • Have a product range or the many Variants and low volume production.

  • Use the facilities and General machinery (general).

  • A highly skill workforce and can accept the challenge of the work over the uniqueness of the product soon.

  • Need Supplies of materials and equipment.

  • Requires a very detail planning towards every request and need.

Examples of products that use Job Shop Production including such as Printing that receive certain posters design with limit quantities, the fabrication plant manufacturing equipment orders with special design, factory clothes that make uniforms with the design and the amount is determine.

Flow Shop Production (Mass Production)

The flow Shop Production is the kind of production process use for products that are assemble or manufacture in large quantities and consecutive (continuous). A flow Shop production system uses production lines (production line) to manufacture its products. All products are produce with the same standards and processes. Flow Shop Production is often call also with Mass Production or mass production.

Characteristics of Flow Shop production are as follows:

  1. Has the standardization of products and the order process?

  2. Use special working machinery and equipment which has the capacity to produce and the higher level of output.

  3. High production volume.

  4. Shorter production cycle.

  5. Planning and control of production more easily done.

  6. Material handling can be done automatically.

  7. The inventory of the material can be faster to be convert into sales (sales).

Examples of products that use Flow shop production among them as in the production of apparel or on commercial electronic product (television, smartphones, DVD Player, Laptop).


Project (project) is a production system that is usually apply to the products are some what cumbersome and limit by the time of the settlement. Functions in organizations like planning, purchasing, design, production and marketing must be integrate with both in accordance with the order and time of completion. So that the concern project can be complete on time with the cost of production.

Production systems Project also has sequences of operations to support the achievement of the target of the final project.

Characteristics of production systems this Project is to have flexibility but the volume of production is very low. Usually the unit/product produce the ball in place of the fix (not moving) and all the necessary resources will be brought into the venue.

Examples of production systems that use the production Project including the production of such Ships, aircraft, building bridges, building and large machinery.

Batch Production

Batch Production is a production system that includes the repetitive production (recurring production). Which are among the Job Shop and production systems Flow Shop. Standardization of the products in Batch Production better and higher production Volumes.

When compare to the Job shop but the volume is lower and not always standardize products such as flow shop (mass production). The production method is similar to the production process with a system of Job Shop. The difference is in the amount or volume that will be produce and over and over.

The following is a characteristic of Batch Production:

  1. Shorter production time.

  2. Place and a more flexible.

  3. The place and the engine is set to produce the products in batch form and modify the settings again for the next batch.

  4. Time and lower production costs compare to the Job Shop.

Continuous Production

Continuous Production is a production system production process continuously (continuously) continuously and repeatedly. Production facilities are arrange according to the order of operations from the first process. To become a finish product with a constant flow of material. Production lines (production line) is usually allocate only for one type of product only.

The characteristics of Continuous Production is as follows:

  1. All places/factory or Machinery/equipment work dedicate specifically for one type of product (have no flexibility at all).

  2. The material is handle automatically.

  3. Operation process follow a predetermine sequence.

  4. Planning and controlling are perform regularly.

  5. Cost per unit is low because of the high production volume.

Examples of production systems with Continuous Production process is like oil refining industry and other mining products.

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