Friday 21 December 2018

Relationship marketing – definition, types & benefits

Relationship marketing

Marketing Management. Relationship does not only take place in an environment of family, friends and the virtual world in friendship websites such as Facebook, Myspace and others. However, the relationship has now been develop further. In the business world now has also been known relationship or better known as relationship marketing.

Relationship marketing is evolving in the business world because the perpetrators are aware that business to develop and maintain a business, not only with the customers gets a lot but also how to get customers, keep it and retain customers.


A relationship Marketing is an approach to marketing with its customers that promote both the company's long-term growth and the customer's maximum satisfaction". more or less can be define: relationship marketing is the marketing approach on its customers that increase the long-term growth of the company and the maximum satisfaction of the customer.

Relationship marketing is the process of creating, maintaining and turn his excellence, charge the value of the relationship between customers and other shareholders". If view from the definition of relationship marketing above, every business entity in dealing with customers desperately need this relationship marketing process. Because of the indirect process is one of the factors supporting a business entity.

Good customers are an asset which when address and serve with good will provide income and long-term growth for a business entity. Also mention that relationship marketing is a practice to build long term relationships that satisfy with key parties include customers, suppliers, and dealers to retain preferences and business in the long term.

Relationship Marketing Program

Holds if the company can combine the ability to respond and provide customer demand. As well as do relationships more intensively with customers through improvements. In the quality of customer service in accordance with customer demand. So the company can retain its customers for the long term. It is said that programs relationship marketing consists of:

Customer Service

The customer Service is one of the very important factor in any effort either in the field or item. Definition of Customer service is an extra service that is given to support the main product. It is also an important component of customer satisfaction.

A customer service is very necessary to build long term relationships by giving additional services. So as to differentiate the company's products with the products of competitors. With increasing competitor in the retail world. Then it is not wrong if the customer service is very necessary to retain customers. By providing good services then customers will come back and will be a loyal customer.

Also States that the service is differentiate into two types namely:

Reactive service, where if a customer had a problem (e.g., product failure, questions surrounding the bill, product return, and others). The customer will contact the company to get it complete. And Proactive service is the situation where a manager of a company is no longer waiting for complaints from customers. But the managers who initiate the conversation with customers. To ask if customers are satisfy, or if the customer has the complaint against the company.

Loyalty Programs

The loyalty programs have now been adopt by many companies around the world. The program is done so that buyers make purchases back and become a customer for the company. "Loyalty Programs also call frequency marketing, programs that encourage repeat purchasing through a formal program enrollment process and the distribution of benefits".

It means loyalty programs also call frequency marketing programs that encourage repeat buying (purchase). Through formal programs and distribution or distribution of profits. Also mentions the "Loyalty programs are promotional programs design to build long-term relationships of mutual benefit. Between the company and the customer, the key to creating a continuous purchase of a particular product or service". From this definition it can be conclude that loyalty programs held. In order that customers make a purchase repeatedly. To the company so that the company will benefit.

Community Building

The community building is intend to build connections between customers in order to provide information or advice. To create a good relationship between customers with the company. For example, by providing special websites for customers who want to give suggestions and criticism. Which in the websites customers can also see the latest products from that company.

It was complete with the hope that there will be a good relationship between the customers then. It will happen an emotional attachment that the better. This will help to create an increasingly harmonious ties with customers.

Benefits of Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing contains three benefits are:

Economic Benefits

The first approach is to build a relationship with the customer is the value add. To the benefits of financial or economic benefits economical cost savings could be incur by the customer, special pieces.

Social benefits

Despite the economic benefits by increasing approach like the one above can build consumer preference. But this can easily be imitate by competitors of one business entity to another. So in this approach, the business entity should be trying to increase their social relationship. That is by paying attention to customers by studying the needs and wants of customers individually.

Structural Ties

The third approach is to build strong relationships with customers are adding structural ties. The intent is that the business entity-business entities provide a structure program or approach. That can attract the interest of consumers to want to get involve become a member membership card. For example, become a member member's privilege.

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