Friday 21 December 2018

Employee loyalty and management

 Employee loyalty

Human resource management. Explain the stance is based on establishment etc. Meanwhile, work is doing something. According to the understanding of the working attitude, employee is a way of working of employees in communicating to employees the leadership or the atmosphere of the company. Employees feel any deep pleasure against work done.

Loyal Customer is obedient, loyal. From an understanding of the above, the conclusion is a tendency of employees to move to another company. If the employee works in a company, and the company has provided facilities – facilities are adequate and acceptable to employees, then the employee loyalty to the company will be even greater, then the urge arises to cause employees doing the work to become more active again.

Facilities – facilities received by the employee so that the employee is willing to work as best as possible and remain loyal in the company, the company should provide appropriate rewards to employees.


It all depends on the situation and condition of the company and the goals you want to achieve.
For that the company suggests several ways:

  • Sufficient Salary

  • Provide spiritual needs.

  • Occasional needs to create a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Putting employees at the right position.

  • Provide opportunities on employees to come forward.

  • Notice a sense of security to face the future.

  • Lobbies for employees to have loyalty.

  • Occasionally invites employees to negotiate.

  • Provide enjoyable facilities.

Reasons the decline of loyalty and work attitude that because many reasons e.g., the wages they receive are not in accordance with her job, not fitting in with the style of leader behavior, environmental poor working and so on.

To resolve the issue, then the company should be able to find the cause of the decline of loyalty and employee work attitudes that caused the decline in principle of loyalty and employee attitude was caused by dissatisfaction by employees. As for the sources of discontent could be material and non-material material: low wages received, minimum facilities.  Whereas the non-material among others: as human beings, needs – the needs of participating and so forth.

Indications – an indication of the decline of loyalty and employee attitudes among others

Down/low work productivity.

The fall in work productivity can be measured or compared with the time before. This being down work productivity can occur due to laziness or procrastination work

Attendance levels are up.

In General, when loyalty and employee attitude down, then the employee will be lazy to come to work every day. When there are symptoms – symptoms of absences up need to be immediately carried out the research.

High level of labor displacement.

Out the influx of increased employee is primarily because it is not nice employees working at the company. For that they are trying to find another job that is considered appropriate. The high level of labor displacement in addition can decrease the productivity of work, can also affect the continuity of the operations of the company.

Anxiety where – where.

Employee attitude and Loyalty which decreases can cause restlessness as a leader must know that the existence of anxiety that can be realized in the form of lightly in the work, lamented over their fate and things – things that other.

Demands that often occur.

The demands are actually manifests and discontent, where at a certain stage will cause the nerve to file charges.

The strike.

The level of the most powerful indication about the decline of loyalty and employee attitude is the strike. Usually a company that employees already don't feel hold more until peaked, then it will give rise to a prosecution, and if the demands were not successful, then in general the employees doing the work strikes.

On the category of age of employees of different shows stress different loyalty like money are outlined as follows:

Work force

The work force who was above fifty years shows loyalty on high on the organization. Maybe the reason – the reason that stands out is that they were already well established in his work, adequate income, allows them to enjoy a standard of living adequate he deserves. A lot of friends in the Organization, the pattern of his career, clearly not wanting to move, was "too late", and began his career in the not too long will enter retirement age.

As contained in the company of UD. AMBASSADORS of the SENSE, in this company there are some of his regular employees are employees with age about drinks and had worked long enough in the company while the contract employees are employees who are still young.

Organization works categories

Labor age category in the forties shows loyalty on a career and the kind of profession that had practice. For example, someone working in this career in finance will tend to "survive". In the field even though by no means devote to it only in the same organization. Since it move to other professions, but moving in the same field. It is not a strange thing. Perhaps the reason the point lies in the desire to right – right to deepen a particular field. That is because educational background and training has ever reach, talents, interests, and experience. That allow him to showing a satisfactory performance in turn open up opportunities for promotion, increase revenue, and pursue a career in steady.

Labor categories

Labor category 30 – 40 years shows that once turn on myself. This can be understood because the workforce in this category still push strongly to establish its existence. If it needs to move from one organization to another and perhaps even also from one profession to another profession. In addition, it is also support by the level of need that the longer increasing. But not offset by enough income so that many workers who find other work. That is able to meet the needs of his life a day – day.


For those who are younger than that, meaning loyalty has not been treat. Their tendency towards still more laid-back. If possible accompanied by chance "Yippee" in reality a day – today many once cheating occurs – fraud committed by employees. Who typically have relatively young age. It is also triggered by the level of thinking – thinking that high. But it is not accompanied by a high level of craft in its own right. Because of the It's the level of growing the longer.

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