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Methods of Problem Solving in the work environment

Culture of solving problems (problem solving) is key in an attempt to make improvements continuously positive impact towards the creation of a quality product, because when we solve the problem well and fast and systematically we will become more productive.

It can be achieve if the empowerment efforts conduct throughout the level of employees in supporting the creation of a work environment that is orient towards continuous improvements in order to better (kaizen).


So the importance of understanding problem solving in particular in the management of the work that was in the shop floor area, where each moment always troubles lurking for anyone shirking the rules and procedures that exist. In the work environment, the problem can be describe as a situation where among the expect/plan and the fact that occurs does not match or there is an obstacle between the chill with the actual circumstances.

Create a culture of effective problem solving, must be done in a systematic, structure escalation procedures are integrate, so that problem solving can be done quickly in any of the usual issues repeat appear in the area of the shop floor.
Problem is an issue of the greatest of all

"Not having a problem is an issue of the greatest of all, he look at a problem rather than as a negative, but as" the chance of Kaizen = Repair in disguise. " Whenever a problem comes up, he encourage his staff to investigate the source of the problem and are always "ask ' why ' five times about any problems.

It is only natural that every job is definitely just found problems, both emerging and potential problems have been anticipate by preventive action through the use of effective methods such as spake Poka Yoke system etc.

That should be avoid in the context of troubleshooting is the incidence of the same mistake repeatedly due to lack of effective methods that are apply or the troubleshooter was not able to identify the root (root cause Analysis) which is in fact.

The approach

There are several approaches in identifying problems, in the concept of lean management shop floor base so identification can be done with the use approach of 5S, 7 waste or a known the activity of team effort.

Most of the company/organization has people who have experience through some form of problem-solving training, yet very few companies or organizations instill a culture of problem solving in sustainable Group-base work environments (small teams).
No problem-solving culture growth due to several factors that other cause interrelations between oblivion because:

  • Arising problem is more consider as a factor for mutual blame than as an opportunity to make improvements through identification of the root of the problem.

  • When a problem occurs the first thing known is who want to do it? When they know usually do "stamp" the root-causes and stat that the root cause is a lack of training. Due to the re-training did not prevent the problem from happening again, would be repeat. With these conditions.

  • The issue should be treat as a failure of the "system" from the failure of the person. For example, a machine operator in charge of observing the machinery to ensure that the process does not cause product damage (disable). Can not be deny in the occurrence of situations not detect from time to time so that the new can be found in the downstream process. Thus a company troubleshooting will observe this as an opportunity to change the system than to re-train the operator.

All employees should be empower in the form of a working group to identify and solve problems with a transparent made settlement approach that uses the system at each level escalation management.

Determine Process

The process must determine who is responsible for identifying the problem, what to do and what process to follow to solve the problem as a countermeasure.

The most effective techniques in identifying the root of a problem as the incidence of cause apply in the context of the management of Toyota, known as TPS is to use the method (PDCA


DO (action)

Set repair actions that in the Plan. Then apply fit a predetermine agreement/done.

CHECK (check results)

Check to make sure the plan goes well so the problem deviation the same does not happen again and then focus on the improvements that sustainable.

The ACT (action)

Actions for implementing, documenting and maintaining a work plan to avoid the obstacles that arise.

Application of PDCA implementation outlined in some of the checkout process known issues with 8 Process Toyota Business Process include:

Determine the captain beginning of the occurrence of the problem.

Identification of problems in detail concerning the issues that appear to clarify the problems that occur.

Clarify the problem happen.

Describe in detail problems occur and make visits to the place of occurrence to synchronize the data. With the actual incident condition.

Determine the problem point (point of cause)

While the quick action to prevent further problems by determining the cause go directly through the back-tracking. To find out the cause of a problem. (often depicted with physical location of occurrence of problems or be description and explanation).

Investigation of the roots of the problem with 5W (5 why)

Follow-up by doing and identify a range of potential problems. Done by using diagrams to evaluating the cause of Oshikawa directly and approach 5 Rev. (5 why) to find out the root of the problem happened.

Evaluation of the potential causes of the occurrence of problems directly based on the fact that do.

Developing the Prevention problem

Evaluate the possibility of overcoming the causes of problems for relief directly. Specific actions for repeating "direct cause" and the root of the problem, through an act of "action plan" that a well planned

Monitor Prevention (see countermeasure)

Do evaluation of the weathered reality based on the action plan mentioned at point No. 5.

Conduct evaluation

  • How to change actions & results achieved in post corrective actions.

  • What's the point of learning have been obtained, and to whom, should be communicated

  • Review the results of the regular improvements to the implementation of the prevention completely implement.


Documentation results of the repairs and make it as a standard reference work.

Information sharing (Yokaten): Learn about the problem. And do sharing information to other related parties in the environs of the plant.

What is Poka Yoke problems including prevention? How was its implementation.

From the above step, the power use of 5W in identifying the root must be support. With understanding is happening in the field. As this is a focal point in providing clarity and basis for mitigation by identifying the root of the problem.

Without the steps irrelevant information and problems are increasingly difficult. Effective thinking only follows clear thinking.

In the process of solving problems Toyota is map into a standard form which is design. Effective known as a problem for solving a problem. same problem so not going to happen again.

Is the ultimate challenge in all levels of management within an organization's environment more in many organizations. The problem solving is problem solving is very necessary in the appropriate profit target that proclaims and satisfactory service .

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