Saturday 15 December 2018

How to create bill of material?

In the production bill of material or a list of order items, keep in mind that before his creation do we must understand in advance what we will create, list order goods should correspond to the ones in need. The manufacturing bill of material or a list of order items can be made by means of the creation of new or modified the bill of materials already exists.

Each company certainly has a different system to each other, it's due to the different needs of the appropriate company category respectively. Great selection of applications or software that can be used and any handling is different on each system that is used.


Understand and master the first system application your company before you do the manufacturing bill of material and Learn the functions in the system of your enterprise applications. Collect all supporting data or references that will be implemented later to in the bill of material, look carefully any information needed to match that in the expected.

Before starting the creation of the bill of material, make sure all part number already registered into the system, each part number represents one of goods or components. Make sure that the part number has to have its attributes with the complete, such as: the number of parts in the buying or not, have a process or no process, the price of goods or components, vendor or supplier code and others. All the information that's needed before we do it. Attribute information can be suitable to the needs of each company.




Displays the assembly or sub-assembly with only one level of children. Displays the components that are required to make direct assembly or sub-Assembly.


Displays the highest item level approaching the left margin and components used on this item more indented to the right margin.



Is the type of BOM (BILL OF MATERIALS) and a critical element in determining the structure of the product of the final product. Modular BOM determines the component material, documents, parts and engineering drawings need. To complete a sub-Assembly. For modular BOM is largely related to the physical product. The concept will be use in a variety of industries. (e.g. software, medical records). Modular BOM (BILL OF MATERIALS) use by modern information systems. To serve a variety of purposes such as determining the components need to produce a sub-Assembly, and provides cost information for each component and "rolled up" information for the overall Sub-Assembly.

For products that can be configure/-base options (example automobile, PC), companies have to plan every combination and permutation for each option and make sure that they can meet the needs of consumers. With the Modular structure of the bomb. The company can plan request for each module independently of any request for the final product with the estimate level of popularity the module Sub-Assembly.


As a means of controlling production which specifies the content of ingredients. That are important from a product (raw materials and components). The order must be combine and how much it takes to make one batch.

For forecasting (forecasting) incoming and outgoing goods. As well as production and inventory transaction can generate production orders from customer orders

to calculate how much of that can be produced based on all existing resource limitations at the time we. If resources are insufficient. The system can calculate how many more resources are need. At the same time assist in the process of procurement of goods. When wishing to distribute the results of the production. The system can also determine how the manufacture and transport of the optimal destination to specified customers. In this process, all aspects related to finance will be record in the system. Including the count how many production costs.

Ensures that the proper amount of material has been sent to the right place at the right time.


For the purposes of forecasting and planning approaches used Planning. To the structure of the products or the BOMB. So that known by the existence of Planning BOMBINGS. Planning a BOMB is a grouping of manufacture of items and events in the format of a BOMB. Planning a BOMB does not describe the actual product that will be create. But describe the product's shadow (product) or combined (compositing product) that is create to:

  1. Facilitate and improve the accuracy of forecasting sales of

  2. Reduce the amount of end product

  3. Make the process of planning and scheduling became much more accurate

  4. Simplifies the insertion of the customer orders

  5. Create a system maintenance and data storage more efficient and flexible

  6. Do the two-level scheduling

The Purpose of Planning The BOMB (BILL OF MATERIALS)

  1. Allow planners to meet operational objectives as well as other non-operating

  2. Ease of scheduling the production of parent (MPS) or material planning (MRP)

  3. Approach to planning a BOMB will be effective when there is a change in the process of being increase. Competitive environment as well as the dynamical


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