Tuesday 18 December 2018

Factors that affect the communication with employees

What is difficult ?? for most people may communication is not a difficult thing, what's more we are a leader / boss in this enterprise. but often the onset of conflict between the organization of the disagreement of information, lack of information or cannot be answered, the message with good result submission is not good anyway. There are some factors to consider the effective communication of the factors associated with effective employee communications in the company consists of:

The company must realize the importance of communication is the most important factor in a successful employee communications program is a leadership Director. It must be philosophical and behaving true to the idea that communicating with employees necessary for the achievement of business objectives of the organization. In addition, the CEO must be a real communication role model as well as a skilled and willing to deliver major messages personally.

Harmonizing the manager’s actions and speech

When a message is implicit  sent the message with an official contradiction of the Manager as delivered in formal communication. Manager it will lose credibility in the eyes of employee. Per his words must be back up by action.

Commitment on two-way communication

programs that are effective are dominate by communications to the bottom. A successful program balancing communication down and up.

Emphasis on face-to-face communication advance

Face-to-face Communications advance that frankly and openly with employees bring executives as someone who understand the needs and concerns of the workers.

Shared responsibility for employee communication

All managers have a responsibility in ensuring that employees are inform. With the implications of the changes become more specific (Special). When the implications that It flows into the bottom of the compose. The hierarchy of the organization. This demanding top management middle management in order to pay attention. To and bottom fully informed about the planned changes. That means lower and middle-level managers need to quickly share information with their working group in order to minimize ambiguity.

Handling bad news

organization with an effective employee communications will not be afraid of the face of bad news. When the bad news openly reported, reached a climate where people are not afraid to come clean and good news will increase your credibility.

Messages formed for audience is meant

all kinds of people in the Organization have different information needs. The employees were diverse in the types of information. They want and the most effective way for them to accept it. Managers need to know this and designing appropriate communication program.

Treatment of communication as a process of sustain

Superior Companies looked at employee communications as a critical management processes, depicted by five common activities performed:

  • The Manager deliver the rationale informing the decision.

  • Timeliness of that vital, where facts are given as soon as the facts were available. This reduces the power of the grapevine and increase the credibility of management.

  • Communicate constantly to maintain so that information flows constantly.

  • Link large image and thumbnail, communications that truly effective does not occur. Before the employees understand the big picture of how it affects their job.

  • Do not dictate how people should feel the news


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