Friday 14 December 2018

Evaluation of performance

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The performance evaluation is a process of feedback, accompaniment and follow-up continued between leader and collaborator. Who is characterized as participatory and dynamic, which promotes mutual learning. That makes them owners of the development of their improving processes.

Achieving organizational skills i.e. the performance evaluation is an administrative strategy. That involves a series of permanent interactions (continuous dialogue). Which allows the junior a role in planning and development of their work. Assuming greater responsibility for their results.


For the achievement of a competitive organization. It is necessary to have a workforce commit and able to provide the organization with all their knowledge and skills. Although this is not achieve. If in the process of selection is no use of a principle when it comes to recruitment, as it is induction.

I.e. induction should be considered as an interlace system that starts in the cycle of the employment selection and ends with exit (exit) interview. But that in turn must be reviewed in the evaluation of the performance of the staff.

Is accurate then, that in all organizations once person has been select.  Given to know: the objectives, policies and philosophy of the company to which newly enters, submit to his superiors and co-workers and Orient. It in terms of the functions, procedures and responsibilities of his position. When organizations have a staff that has clear duties and business mission. It is that you can begin to discuss the evaluation of performance.

The evaluation process

To make sure that those who are in charge of an organization manage it effectively. It is require to examine the way in which comply with each of the administrative functions:

Strategic planning, organization, direction and control

If in all kinds of business, education, among others, have been achieving plans. The targets with effectiveness and efficiency, is therefore necessary to design and implement procedures. To evaluate the performance and thereby improve the human resources of the Organization.

Why is the performance evaluation program necessary?

Assessments of performance, is a technique of essential address in the administrative activity of the organization. Base on the types of problems identify, the assessment of performance helps us in determining and developing policy appropriate to the needs of the organization.

I.e., evaluation of employees consists of evaluating the quality of their performance in the results. That are your responsibility. Therefore, it becomes necessary to managers, directors, coordinators and supervisors to understand the importance of the need to evaluate the performance (or performance) of employees; and need your feedback on their efforts.

When evaluations are truly effective, should be included in the system of promotion. Since soon stimulation by the demonstrate achievement is the most powerful motivating force that is known. This will allow people to work with the Organization: Get feedback on their work performance.

  • Make clarity on what its resources that will enable it to achieve better results.

  • And know you expect from each worker linked to the company by the human resources management area.

The success or failure of the performance evaluation in the Organization depend on the philosophy use to establish it. The attitudes of the staff at the management level, direction, coordination and oversight to the program and its ability to meet with the objectives and plans.

See a video that will help us to better understand what we are exposing:

General policies.

The general policies of the organizations in the performance evaluation should be base on:

  • That all organizations should have a single system of performance evaluation. This must be led by the Department responsible for the administration of human resources. Who should provide advice, support, and the support necessary for their implementation and application in all areas of the organization.

  • Be a tool allowing to analyze the achievements, contributions, strengths and areas of improvement of the officials of the Organization in their personal and professional development. In order to create and implement strategies for the development and training of the resource human and thus prepare the Organization to compete within the field of its activity.

  • The evaluation of performance outcomes directly attributable to the individual and personal work.

  • Assign responsibility officials having staff who need to know the potential of human resources both in your area as other areas. Thus provide information enabling the company comply replacements for future pictures vacancies.

What is the responsibility for the assessment of performance

Responsibility for the evaluation of performance in organizations must correspond to the area of human resources management, human development, personnel department, independent of the name that the organizations give to the responsible area of the management of human talent and according to the policies to be developed based on:

  • The application and subsequent monitoring program by the area of management of human resources in the Organization, while each manager applies and develops the plan in your area.

  • Appointment of a Commission of the performance evaluation, where you do need the participation of evaluates from all areas, where this Committee is composed of permanent and transient members. It is necessary that all members participate in all evaluation and where general manager must shape the Commission and its President.

  • Transient members have the role of bring the information concerning the evaluates and proceed with its evaluation.

To conclude today's theme, I leave you an interesting presentation that talks about the subject today.

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