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Employee performance – Definition, factors & improvement

Employee performance

Definition of Employee performance:

The performance of an employee is of the nature of the individual, because each employee has a rate of different ability in doing its job. The management can measure employees over work performance base on the performance of each employee. The performance is an action, not Genesis.

Action performance itself consists of many components and is not the results that can be seen at the time as well. The performance is basically something that is individual, because each employee has a different ability levels in doing its job.

Performance depends on a combination of ability, effort, and opportunity. This means that the performance is the result of work of employees in working for a certain period of time and its emphasis on the results of the complete work of employees in a certain time period.


Performance is define as the record of outcomes produce on a specify job function or activity during a specify time period. Performance on the job as a whole would be equal to the sum (or average) of performance on the critical or essential job functions. The functions have to do with the work which is perform and not with the last of the person performing.

Base on the above description may also mean that the performance is as a whole the results are produce on a job function or special activities during the period. The overall performance on the job is equal to the sum or average performance on the job function that is important. Functions related to the job will be done and not done with the performance characteristics of the individual.

The above opinion was support by a statement from, namely:

High Performance can be achieve because of the trust (the trust) reciprocity among members of its members means that the members trust the integrity, characteristics, and capabilities of each of the other members. To achieve a high performance requires a long time to build it, requires trust, and demands a careful attention from management.

Factors that affect the performance

  1. Good Performance is affect by two factors:
    A. Internal ( personal)
    - The ability of high
    - Hard work
    B.External (environmental)
    - Easy job
    - Good luck
    - The assistance of colleagues
    - A good leader

    2. Ugly performance influence two factors:
    A.  Internal (private)
    - The ability of low
    - Effort a little
    B. External (environmental)
    - Hard Work
    - Bad luck
    - Co-workers unproductive unsympathetic leaders

Ways to improve the employee performance


A diagnosis that is useful can be done informally by any individual who is interest in improving his ability to evaluate and improve performance.

Engineering-engineering: reflections, observing performance, listen to the comments of others about why everything happens, re-evaluating the foundations of past decisions, and take notes or keep a work diary that can help expand the search the causes of performance manager.


After the style of the attribution recognize and understood, training can help management that this knowledge is use appropriately.


No programs and training that can achieve the results fully without the urge to use it. Causal attribution analysis should be done on a regular basis as part of the formal performance appraisal.

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