Wednesday 19 December 2018

Consumer satisfaction

Consumer satisfaction

Marketing Management Courses. Consumer satisfaction is a feeling happy or upset someone who comes from the comparison of the effect on performance (results) of a product with the expectation.

Various types of consumer satisfaction or satisfaction is divide into 2:

  • Functional Satisfaction, satisfaction is gain from the function or use of a product. For example: because eating makes our stomach becomes full.

  • 2001 psychological Satisfaction, satisfaction is derive from attributes that are intangible.

For example: a feeling of proud service as it gets a very special from a diner.

The measurement of consumer satisfaction

There are four methods perform by the company to find out the level of consumer satisfaction, namely:

  • System complaints and suggestions: to identify a problem then the company must collect. The information directly from consumers by providing suggestion box. Information collect to provide input for the company.

  • Consumer satisfaction survey of consumer satisfaction survey can be carry out by means of surveys by postal mail, telephone, or personal interviews. With this method the company could create two-way communication and show his concern to consumers.

  • Ghost Shopping method is use to find out the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and compare. It with the company concern.

  • Analysis of the loss of consumer: Level consumer loss show the company's failure in satisfying its customers. The company should analyze and understand why the consumer stop consuming our products.

A method use for measuring consumer satisfaction can be by means of:

    • The measurement can be carry out directly with any questions.

    • The respondent given the question about how big they are expecting a certain attributes and how great that felt.

    • Respondents were ask to write down the problems they face with regard. To quotes from the company and was also ask to write down the problems they face with regard. To the offer of the company and also ask to write down the improvements that they recommend.

    • The respondents may be ask to me ranking the various elements of the offer base on the degree of importance of each element and how well the performance of companies within each element.

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