Saturday 8 December 2018

Best practice for concept standardized work

Standardized Work is born from the hands and the minds of experts in the field of relevant work.

What is Standardized Work?

Standardized Work is one of the improvement tools use by Toyota, often misunderstood as Work Standards. Both are indeed about the ways to run the job, but the results will be very different. The difference is very contrast; Standardized Work will bring improvement in the organization, while Work Standards only provide stagnation and mediocrity to the organization.

Before answering the question " What is Standardized Work? ", We should discuss first about the opposition, namely" Work Standards ".

Work Standards - A Pitfalls?

Work Standards is a concept. When management practices began to shift from. Although Taylor never spark the idea that " workers are individuals without thought and initiative, which must always be control ", he has impose the most extreme management control policy of the day. The concept was then adopt by many people and form the Work Standards method which became a tool for management to take full control over workers and their activities.

Work Standard is a management way to control employee work (and employment). Experts make decisions about how a job should be done, how long it should take, and how to solve the problem. With such a system, employees are treat like machines that have no initiative or thought of themselves. All employees must work like robots and do the job exactly as it is order. Quality, improvement, productivity, downtime, and so on, are not things that should be in their minds.

The Work Standards system creates artificial standards that will shut down initiatives to improve the system; creating a barrier for improvement.

Standardized Work - Improvement Tool

After discussing about Work Standards, now let's compare with Standardized works will see the contrast difference. Standardize Work is a work control system that is design and update by those who do the work.

The Standard Work concept encourages employees (as the first party) to determine the best way to do the job, how long it takes for each job, and constantly consider and try new ideas to keep improving on the job. Afterwards, they will create a writing or diagram that contains standard work instructions, or they will collaborate with managers or engineers to write (and make diagrams) on those standards. The purpose of this concept is to encourage employees to achieve desire results faster.

Standardized Work is know as a tool always use although the concept itself does not come from the car manufacturing company. The philosophy comes from the days of craftsmanship, where products are makes by the skill hands of those who are experts in their field. These are the ones who develop the best ways to do the job (create a product or artwork), write it down, or teach it to others over generations, creating the best way to create a product that really comes from the hands and thoughts of the expert.

Improving Production System

The industrial revolution is drives by those who work together to find the best ways to do things. If you notice, many leaders in those days work with their employees in finding. The best way to continue improving the production system.

The Standardize Work, like everything about Lean, is an endless journey; not a destination. Perhaps the best methods create today will be obsolete tomorrow. We can continue to make changes in a better direction if we use their skillful ideas and knowledge to continue to make improvements, adapt and grow.

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