Tuesday 18 December 2018

Behavioral Observation scale

Behavioral Observation scale

The scale of measurement of the behavior (Behavioral Observation Scales/the BOSS) is an approach based on behavior in employee assessment methods. Here's a bit of discussion about the scale of measurement of the behavior (Behavioral Observation Scales/the BOSS):

background of rationalization of Behavioral Observation Scale (BOSS) is as follows: a good employee performance can be seen from often or whether the events that contributed to positive or negative (frequency of critical incidents) to organizations/companies conducted by employees who wish to be judge.

Definition of Behavioral Observation Scales (BOS)

Behavioral Observation Scales is a method for assessing a combination of critical events. (critical incidents) as well as the frequency of these events. Workers may then be judged in its entirety.

Latham and Wexley has develop Behavioral Observation Scales (the BOSS) which believe that the assessment of the BOSS and BARS require the observer in making decisions/opinions.

Latham also state that the BOSS is a method which assesses critical events (critical incidents). Where observers should give an assessment of the frequency of such events as a whole The BOSS can also be interpret as one method of performance assessment. That focuses on critical events frequency (critical incidents) are then assess in its entirety.

These advantages BOSS

Behavioral Observation Scales BOSS has these advantages which include the following, namely:

  • Is based in an analysis of the systematic position of.

  • Contrary to some of the other methods. The BOSS allows an employee to participate in the development of dimension. (via identification of events important in the analysis of the position). That facilitate the understanding and acceptance.

  • Useful for improve performance due to the specific goals can be associate with a value in the numbers. (ratings) base on the weighting of the relevant behavior (milestone).

  • Seems to satisfy. Uniform Guidelines in terms of the validity of (the Association) and rehabilitate.

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