Tuesday 11 December 2018

Basic principles for execution of change management


A change management is a collective term for all approaches to prepare and support individuals, teams, and organizations in making organizational change. The change in study of general success from changes ranged from no more than 10% who feel very successful, 40% of success rate and little bit of success and even about 30% experienced failure of the process of change. Companies that are making changes are becoming the best cruise contributors to moving the economy especially the nation.

The need for change was realized because some reason was dominant, among other changes, changes in the economy / merger of business units and acquisition, digital technology manual and privatization business.

As befits a computer, then there are 3 things running i.e. hardware, software and human (humans) which operates the system. Then the approach in conducting the change management exist in this side, Human and Non-human (technical).

Leading with culture

People who lead the process of change management are often failures with a culture. That is already embed in the old organization.

So in order to be successful, the process of change management is where organization is base. There is the sky being upheld, the Manager of change must be more skill in leveraging the emotional energy of the culture.

They should understand how people in thinking, behaving, doing the work, and whether there is a desire for the people for change management.

To use this emotional energy, leaders need to find the elements that resonate with culture change. Attract the attention of people who are ready to participate to change management.

Over the top

Despite the involvement of employees, the initiatives that always start from the commitment of top management.

I currently reside in a domestic shipping company, and the commitment to changes from owners and top organizations is well enough. Willing charge indicators, in three years we can implement the BSC, Continuous Improvement, the mindset, generally a good balance score card "company and contributed to a very good business and supports business sustainability the better.

Without the commitment of top management then undoubtedly. We are not part of the company that has successfully implement a change management.

This means that executives need to be involve in the discussion, an open mind, and a "uniform" of his post and accept different vision points in order to agree on the objectives of a large change initiative.

Shows Role models, drivers of change, being an example of exemplary figures behave differently than the previous match the desire values ​​with the target of as strict organizational changes.

"Do you want to know?"

Could mean that leaders should give a minimum of models or examples to make subordinates and people as true as possible. Vassal & people around doing something not because. It was told to follow orders or leadership. But instead it follows the example of what is seen in his behavior.

Provides guidance and assist subordinates and people around whenever and wherever. Members are free to take care of, but make sure they are the best for the business of the organization.

For the meaning of " stand up handy " can be meant as encouragement for employees in order to go forward in the future, perform, and dare to take decisions (empowerment). Mandatory leadership is behind them giving support. Behind a great employee, there is always a strong leader.

The role of the leader, as the driving force of change, should act as a collaborative team, team spirit and fully committed during the process to take place.

Evolve all layers of the Organization

Involve over-left-right structure of the organization. Open flow of communication in full, in order to be able to find a range of opportunities and disruptions.

People who are in the front guard (front line) tend to have technical knowledge, potential distractions, problems can occur, technical problems and logistics. That need to be address, and how customers reacting to the change itself. So, with all the knowledge they have and the involvement of "vengeance from their" certainly will be more smooth the path for change initiative.

Make every problem can be solved together

Invite people emotionally to make a commitment from everyone to achieve change. Clarify & Magnify!
The human beings respond to calls for work involving heart / emotional as well as their minds. If they touch then the other five senses motion. Make them feel that they are important.

By understanding the company culture, a leader can enable a strong personal relationship between company and employees.

Act with a new

Change initiative Many just assume that people will change / shift the mindset and their behavior after the formal elements like giving orders / referrals and rewards / incentives are starting to take effect.
However, it is a success of any change. The initiative is that the daily behavior of employees reflects the efforts of change itself.

A good example that has a lot of things, mindset and ways of behaving that well since the beginning. Because employees will believe that real change takes place only when they are happening at the top of their organizations / leaders.

Get in constant communication

Leaders often make the mistake of imagining that if they convey the message of change at the beginning of the initiative. Then people will understand what to do. However, the effective change effort going.
Examples of practical, regular conduct of meetings, progress of changes, changes in media publications, management dashboards, visualizing the vision of mission changes, etc.

Leading outside the lines of the changes.

Become the best opportunity for everyone who has the authority and influence of get involved. Emotionally untouched.

In addition to holding the power in the group, both because of their expertise and knowledge are also due to the breadth of the network and the personal qualities they have.

As a leader of change, we must also have a strategy for how to reach out to everyone in the organization. One of them, involving the role of informal leaders. The special leaders are also special forces that will carry a special mission to help you as a leader of change.

For example, as a supervisor, who was the member of the company for 25 years. Organizations that have implemented the major changes to identify these people early and find them as a participant and the driving force of change. They become an "ambassador" of change or "viral" modifier.

Take advantage of formal solutions

to persuade people to change their behavior, they will not only have a small degree of transformation, such as elements of formal structure, reward systems, training and development courses. Thus, in fact, many companies fail in this critical area.

So, try to create more powerful solutions, such as coaching and mentoring to also make changes to the radical system. So, the assisted coaching program allows the company leaders to enact policy changes thoroughly.

Take advantage of an informal solution

Even though it was doing change initiative required formal elements, it was a culture that was already embedded in the company well undermine the change itself.

People still have the possibility to re-use the old ways and not realize how their behavior. This is the cause of formal and informal solutions that have to co-exist with each other.

By asking everyone at every level to be responsible for quality, change of capable leaders of creating a good ethics in the environment of the organization.

Measuring success and do the adjustment

Center of the global survey, reveal that many organizations involve in transformation efforts fail. To measure success before they step up to the next stage.

The leader is usually to claim victory that they have manage to make changes. But do not take the time to find out what they have manage to achieve and what not. So, they can adjust their steps next. Organizations need information on how to support the process of change throughout its life cycle.

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