Tuesday 11 December 2018

An Introduction to Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Total productive maintenance (TPM) is the idea that everyone in a facility should participate in maintenance. Discover the advantages of TPM and more. TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) is a holistic approach to equipment maintenance that strives to achieve perfect production: No Breakdowns. No Small Stops or Slow Running. No Defects

Fix corrupt, damage, corrupt fix again yes fix it again! This is the management firefighting full pressure was born. All employees certainly don't want to be distress with the State Department so that urgent strategic things become dormant.

Overview to Total Productive Maintenance

Innovate or planning, which has been pass by the State Department for urgent we almost pass out. At least a grain of paracetamol are often accompany. The effect of the condition without planning or management firefighters really dizzying. The impact of any inner born gradually will come to us.

Brightness messy condition like this has an impact on the customer's flight. Customers may not run yet in mind if there are still companies that provide better services, ruling any eligible for goodbye we receive. We cannot blame the customers. They are the ones we must serve and they are always right. This is not the future for change, we will change for the Betterment of the business. Well, the place for our water dipper for drinking our dear family.

damage to the tool / machine that is not expect by the customer. And each process must have a concept of management that is difficult to prove that we are worthy of serving customers. In the world of maintenance equipment / machines known and very popular is the maintenance or Total Preventive Maintenance (TPM). Total Productive Maintenance, is just the same, how to create zero breakdown and zero failure, zero accident. This is the dream of three things from the implementation of TPM, align with the dream / customer expectations. For sure!

How does Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) run?

The Foundation is implementing 5S or 5R TPM.

Create a work environment, layout Settings and storage tools are neat, and there are periodic assessments (net), and there are periodic assessments to be follow by disciplinary so Avidly doing 3R (concise, Neat, Dress Rehearsal )

TPM activities in total there are 8 main activities, namely:

  1. Implementation of maintenance (Autonomous Maintenance): For example, we have a basic car repair / problem solving we should know there is no need to bother to handy service. At least we know the inspection of the condition of the car, know open tires, where the wiring plugs & Groove are.

  2. Maintenance of the machine are plan (Plan Maintenance): Our Cars each multiple of 10 thousand Km usher into workshops. To prevent damage and early detection of problems. Our budget is ready for and certainly out of money of 2 million per million. It is a better way to break down or have an accident.

  3. Maintenance of quality (Quality Maintenance): Results from a car that runs good / quality management and a quality management process and tools through inspection. The performance of a process standard is measure and ensure appropriate standard. For example, vibration and battery level and sound 2 at the inspection.

  4. Make improvements sustainable performance (Focus improvement): After measuring performance results, continue inspection processes analyze data and perform repairs performance.

  5. Early management of the equipment (Early Equipment Management): Since starting with planning, maintenance and operators / user of the machine having discussions from the beginning to the purchase of the equipment. The point is that the engine is not wrong and don't buy the trouble engine.

  6. Education and training (Training & Education)Establishing competence, assessing competence of operators and performing training for satisfy competence.

  7. Health, safety and the environment to analyze the various potential risks and causes of prevention and prevention of pollution around the environment (Garbage, trash, Repair Depot etc)

  8. TPM in the Administration section of storage of documents, 5R in the Office.

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