Wednesday 12 December 2018

7 QC Tools

7 QC Tools

Stratification (Grouping)

Try to collaborate and classify issues into groups or classes of single elements of the matter, so the issue becomes more simple and easy to understand and avoid the wrong interpretation.

Check Sheet (fact sheet)

Is a sheet (sheet) that is use to record the activity or event (data) with a format already prepare in advance. The filler sheet remain mark on the columns that you have prepare.
In order to examine these sheets to facilitate examination also make recapitulation and facilitate analysis of the problem.

The Pareto Diagram

Pareto charts are use to display the most influential on the result. Thus, it can be carry out on a scale of the effects, on the result.

Ishikawa Diagram (Fishbone) / Fish Bone Chart

This diagram is use to describe the relationship between cause and effect of activity. Ishikawa in diagram we can describe a lot of causes, ranging from the causes to the problem, to causes that are not close to the result (of the problem). Ishikawa diagram, also known as Fishbone Diagrams (Fish Bone Chart) because of the shape of an arrow that resembles a fish bone.

For ease in inventory all the causes of using the diagram Ishikawa factor 4 m and 1 l: Machine, Material, method (a way), Man (person) and the environment, which place on a fish bone. By default the Ishikawa form diagram (Fishbone) can be see as below:

To elaborate more in the more all causes, we recommend that you use the method of advice (brain storming), because the more information is collect, the better the results. The method of asking "why" that repeats can be streamline in outlining all the causes that influence on the result either directly or indirectly. The question of "why" is why?

Map Control (Control Chart)

Is a line graph with the minimum inclusion of maximum limit (UCL: Upper Control Limit) (LCL: Lower Control Limit) which is the limit of the area of ​​the control. Map of control can also be use to measure whether the process (production) is in a State-control or not. The process is said to be a state of control if the unit is measure in limits.

On a map of control can be know the existence of irregularities but no visible cause for the deviation. Map control only shows data changes over time.

But, for the X-R control, a shape like below:


The histogram is the bar in the form of the chart (beams) which describes the deployment (distribution) of your existing data, so use Microsoft with the histogram, the data collect will be easily known as fact (distribution).

Stocking Diagram / Scatter Diagram

The histogram is the bar in the form of the chart (beams). Which describes the deployment (distribution) of your existing data. So use Microsoft with the histogram, the data collect will be easily known as fact (distribution).

Stocking diagrams are a diagram that is use to find out whether there are correlations or not between 2 variables. Stocking diagrams can also be use to determine whether a suspect cause is not at hand.

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