Sunday 2 December 2018

6 steps for Production Process control

Manufacturing process controls include all systems and software that exert control over production processes. Control systems include process sensors, data processing equipment, actuators, networks to connect equipment, and algorithms to relate process variables to product attributes.

Often, the Process is misinterpret as a series of work done consecutively. But in fact, it is not appropriate, considering there are certain requirements that must be met to make a series of work can be call a process (read: a good process).

What are the requirements for Production Process control?

A Lean and Six Sigma expert, outlines some of the requirements that a good process should have:

    1. Good Process is Simple Process

      To improve effectiveness and avoid errors in its execution, a good process should be design as simply as possible. Unnecessary and difficult complexity will only make the process obstruct; the process will be difficult to inspect and control.

    2. A Good Process is a Stable Process

      A good process is a robust process that persists in all environmental conditions and circumstances. All environmental possibilities and conditions must be taken into account in the design of a process. Strong process leaders do not think in a hurry; they consider many possibilities and think of many plans, and are able to maintain the stability of the process even under the most unexpected conditions.

    3. The Good Process is a Document Process

      A good process is a document process. emphasize, without any documentation (handwritten or electronic), the process would only be a kind of knowledge and a set of traditional work done in sequence. Traditional knowledge is particularly vulnerable to change and modification by mistake, since its description depends heavily on verbal delivery, so the understanding of the process can be chaotic and distort. With documentation, the original description and description of the process will be preserve. This documentation problem is very important to because the documentation can also be use as a standard work guide for related processes.

    4. Good Process is a Controlled Process

      A good process is a process that is execute in a control and orderly manner. Good control of the process will make the process run in a similar and stable manner anytime, anywhere. If a process can be control, the process will be improve (If a process is control, it can be improve). As long as the variations that occur in the process are few,  we will be able to anticipate every result (output) of the process. Such outputs can be improve and further develop.

    5. Good Process is a Communicated Process

      A good process should be well communicate to everyone involve, everyone who receives its output. Who provides input to the process. All expectations must be clearly understand, and the ability to manage the process independently must be own by those involve in the process.

    6. A Good Process is an Error-Proof Process

      A good process leaves little room for error. Visual indicators and reminders, poka-yoke, and other error-proofing methods can be use to save the process from errors during execution. A well-develop system in the process will have immunity to possible errors (in the context of security, quality, and reliability).

Probably not all processes have the six characters, but the key to success lies in continuous efforts to make improvements to slowly shape better processes. According to the improving process will give the organization better ability to continue to create value for customers.


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