Thursday, 1 November 2018

What is sales promotion strategy?

A sales promotion strategy is systematic planning for increasing sales, and enhancement of entire product performance in the market.

Promotion is one part of a series of marketing activities of an item. The promotion is a marketing activity which is carry out communication companies to buyers or consumers that contains the Annunciation, persuade, and affects everything about the goods or services produce for consumers all activities.

sales promotion strategy

it aims to increase sales volume by attracting consumer interest in buying decisions at the company. To clarify about the notion of promotion, here are some definitions of promotion.


The fact promotion is a marketing communications, meaning that marketing activities that attempt to spread information. Even and influencing/persuading, and or top target market reminds of the company. Its products in order to willing to receive, purchase and loyal to the product offer the company in question.

"promotion is the variety of activities conduct by the company that accentuates the privileges of its products that persuade consumers target in order to buy it".

While expressing the sense of the promotion is an effort or activity affects companies in actual "consumers" as well as "potential" consumers that they want to make a purchase of product offer, current or in the future. Actual consumers are consumers who buy products offer directly at the time or shortly after the company wage promotion items. And potential consumer is interest consumers make purchases against the company's product offerings in the future.

About Sales promotion strategy

Sales promotions are all activities that are intend to improve the flow of goods or services from the manufacturer until finally on sale. Point of sales promotion comprising brochures, information sheets, and others.

Sales promotion strategy is a plan of activities perform to increase the demand of users. Even or final consumers which aims to boost turnover sales by the road affects consumers directly. While according to cravens in his book marketing is conveniently locate. Sales promotion strategy is a planning and controlling communications from an organization to its consumers and other targets.

Thus it can be conclude that the sales promotion strategy is planning or activities of an organization in order to achieve the objectives so that the desire goals can be realize.

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