Thursday 1 November 2018

10 reasons to fail the build a Quality Service

Quality service is the service provider company progress indicators which are measured every year. Increased customer loyalty is a top priority for most companies, because for them the index of customer satisfaction research results important for repair.

Sometimes mistakes happen and everything goes in the opposite direction with a purpose. If so, the recovery action is needed that will address the problems and reforming customer satisfaction.

Reasons – Fail to build quality service

Here are 10 reasons companies fail to build a quality service.

  1. Lies in attitudes over customer complaints to be stoic. The company just fixate on the results of sales and profits. The survey results only made reports to the investor without significant improvements. This happens because the company's leader is always just talk about service, but not doing a significant change and continue to experience the same problems with customers and competition.

  2. The second reason can be a vision without the vitality that is often experience by providers of services. With echo that the company does not need to be the company's largest, just be the best service provider. But, that vision only became the motto of the company, without any plan or action towards it.

  3. It can the result of too much use approaches that look "efficacious" in the other companies and directly implementing in companies without a comprehensive test. As one CEO who decide to use the Just in Time production strategies of other companies. When he did it exactly the same way, it turns out he fail. As a result, he had to Lay off a lot of people, and within two years he lost his job.

  4. Wrong focus: Companies only focus on servicing the tagline "customer first" which impress initiate employee for prioritize customers, but the employees don't really animate the tagline so impress is inconsistent. Survey results declare 85%-95% of the problems associate with management services, not just employees.

  5. The attitude of companies that are just too busy going to customer complaints and to be embeded in some of the suggestions are too varied to lose direction and purpose, is also overwhelm. They don't have the focus and end up with negative sales results.

  6. Knowledgeably and lazy attitude to innovate. This could even lead to a company worth US $27 billion in stagnant with low stock prices, profits, and growth is negative. They reject foreign aid and quibble has strategic objectives for unselfish commitment to customers, but they don't actually do it. After trying to improve services for a decade, they remain below the industry average.

  7. Employee training is consider the solution of all the problems of the company. Many leaders are sending their employees to online courses, but never try to upgrade design organization, system, process, or cross-department collaboration.

  8. Consider the latest technologies as the way out of all the problems. As happen at one of the retail organizations that spend millions to improve customer retention through new technology is expensive, which turn out to be no help. Their sales growth keeps to the bottom.

  9. Having too many consultants for everything, from TQM, Six Sigma, ISO, Kaizen, Goals, and a variety of other approaches to get better. Unfortunately, some of these efforts are rarely execute properly on an ongoing basis. Employees will only be immerse in meetings, data processing, document. Then, when employees can serve customers?

  10. A great strategy but fail to achieve the desire results due to poor execution. Promises of change impress into the false advice, which of course shows a lack of integrity.

To win the hearts of customers, the company must return to basics focuses on understanding the needs and wants of the customer, and appreciate their employees. Businessman Ross Perot once said, "Spend a lot of time talking with customers through face-to-face.


According to the Harvard Business Review, an increase of 1.3% in customer satisfaction affects the increase of income of 0.5%. The company that leads in the service have 12 times the profitability and growth of 9% greater than a bad service provider.

Meanwhile, a report by the American Customer Satisfaction Index proves that leading companies consistently outperform the market. Leader customer services superior 93% according to a survey conduct by Dow, 20% according to the survey of Fortune 500, and 335% according to Nasdaq.

Service quality is a key strategic variables in an attempt to satisfy a service base company. The retain existing customers and attract new customers. However, some aspects of the service, for example related to the activity of the employee and customer attitude. That are beyond the control of the managers. As a result, the failure in providing excellent service no matter the inevitable.

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