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Types of Maintenance

types of maintenance

Different types of maintenance are being practice in various parts of world. Adoption of particular Maintenance type greatly depends upon the resources of organization or company. One maintenance approach may cost less than other so each professional has to see the resources and then decide for "which maintenance type is best for his plant".

Types of maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a schedule maintenance activities and well-plan. These activities are carry out to anticipate problems that could result in damage to the tool/machine and keep it always remains in normal conditions during operation. Examples of these activities are check against indicators of pressure and temperature detection has been appropriate results for normal conditions a tool/machine, checking of the condition of lubrication on the tools/machines etc.

Advantages of Preventive maintenance

  • Cost effective in many capital intensive processes.

  • Flexibility allows for the adjustment of maintenance periodicity.

  • Increase component life cycle.

  • Energy savings.

  • Reduce equipment or process failure.

  • Estimate 12% to 18% cost savings over reactive maintenance program.

Disadvantages of Preventive maintenance

  • Catastrophic failures still likely to occur.

  •  Labor intensive.

  • Includes performance of unneeded maintenance.

  • Potential for incidental damage to components in conducting unneeded maintenance.

The Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a maintenance activity in doing so by means of prediction, in this case it is the evaluation of regular maintenance. This detection can be evaluate from the indicators that were install on a device and also can do some checking vibration and alignment to add data and subsequent corrective actions.

Advantages of predictive maintenance

  • Increase component operational life/availability.

  • Allows for preemptive corrective actions.

  • Decrease in equipment or process downtime.

  • Decrease in costs for parts and labor.

  • Better product quality.

  • Improve worker and environmental safety.

  • Improve worker moral.

  • Energy savings.

  • Estimate 8% to 12% cost savings over preventive maintenance program.

Disadvantages of predictive maintenance

  • Increase investment in diagnostic equipment.

  • Increase investment in staff training.

  • Savings potential not readily seen by management.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is a plan maintenance activities base on the feasibility of operating time specify on the tool user's Guide. This maintenance includes inspection, repair and replacement to any parts of the appliance are not worth sharing again, either because it is defective or the maximum limit of use which has been specify.

Breakdown Maintenance

Breakdown maintenance is an activity that is conduct in the absence of improvement plans in advance. Where the damage occur suddenly on a tool/machine that is operating, thus requiring fixes thoroughly or replace it.

Whether you own a car, house, building or professionally involve in operation and maintenance of machines, you need to know some basics about maintenance.

Some form of maintenance you are practicing already but you always need to re-look at maintenance program so that you keep your asset(s) in correct form with minimal cost.

Maintenance is not only “the restoration of any asset to function after it has fail “instead spectrum of maintenance is broaden now.

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