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Strategic management

The term ‘strategic management’ is used to denote a branch of management that is concerned with the development of strategic vision, setting out objectives, formulating and implementing strategies and introducing corrective measures for the deviations (if any) to reach the organization’s strategic intent.

Strategic management

Internal Analysis

Before making further strategic steps, the company must first seek to recognize the circumstances of her good concerning the background of the establishment of the company, the sales achievements in previous years, the position of an asset which is the strength of the company as well as debt and capital owned and the company's obligations to be met. This internal analysis regarding the State of the company in the past, present, and future.

In this case, for example, determined internal and external analysis analysis of "instant noodle Company X" as follows:

Internal Assessment:

1. Management

Management will pay attention to the corporate structure, corporate culture, and the resources that belong to the company.

Instant noodle Company in advance determined management pattern of relations between superiors and subordinates. After that form of cultural behavior from those that exist within the company as a trust so that every job can be directed in achieving the goals and mission of the company.

2. Marketing


Affecting the pricing decision: consumers, Governments, suppliers, distributors, and competitors.

Marketing research

A gathering, recording, and analysis of data systematically about issues related to the marketing of goods and services.

Analysis Of Customers

Understanding of the profile of the consumer to be able to formulate a strategy, wisdom and engineering companies, in addition to anticipate change and the behavior of the market as well as allocate resources on demand and consumer behavior.

Instant noodle Company X should be able to analyze the marketing strategy of the product in order to be optimized both in terms of price as well as customers and the marketing area in this way companies can classify how the actions of the company in the achievement of maximum results because the company already knowing how its main market segmentation in setting prices for its products in accordance with customer's capabilities as well as how introducing the instant noodle products in the community.

3. Financial/accounting

Financial analysis provides a measure for managers about the company's performance compared with its performance in the past years. Other goals he did corporate financial analysis is helping shows the strengths and weaknesses of other functional areas from the point of view of operations and strategy.
Financial analysis needs to be done by the instant noodle company X because it is also very supportive of the main company's survival in the competition in the market with other similar products.

The company's financial reports should be noted accordingly rules – rules of accounting so that the information obtained about the finance company is more accurate, as well as in the planning of the budget, it should be more obvious because this concerns information on the time will come for the sake of achievement of the objectives of the company and this cannot be separated from the company's ability to organize and allocate costs that occur in a range of activities of the company.

4. Production/Operations

Field operations will concentrate on decision-making concerning the capacity of the plant, machinery and equipment layout, define the wisdom of equipment.

The ability of instant noodle company X in generating products that can give satisfaction in consumers not regardless of the factors of production of the company, the company should be able to pay attention to the quality of the raw materials in the production process so that the output generated more maximum. The condition of the plant/company is also very influential is therefore to be able to produce output in a number of larger factories should also have to be equipped with complete facilities and infrastructure that are more modern.

5. R & D

Done in research and development (research & development), namely raising spending to develop the new model better.

The expertise of managers as well as workers in the instant noodle company X was also influential in the company's performance to improve market share, companies must be able to conduct research and development for the resulting product. The company should be able to improve existing products in the market is the main product of interest so that consumers could have more advantages, for example in designing the appearance of products more attracted the attention of consumers as well as how to lose costs yet still produce maximum output.

6. Management information systems

Information linking all business functions into one and provide the basis for all managerial decisions. information demonstrating the competitive strengths and weaknesses of management. SIM uses is to improve the performance of a company by improving the quality of managerial decisions.
Information is also needed instant noodle company X in the exercise of the activity of the company to its main corporate vision achievement in profit. The information can be used as reference in the company's performance. Therefore the company should strive to obtain information that is complete and relevant and disclose the position of competing instant noodle company X until now so that the company can identify the company's performance the next.

External Analysis

Internal Assessment:

1. Economy

With regard to the circumstances of the economic conditions in which companies operate, both national and international economic situation. Things that go in economic factors, namely the interest rate, the rate of inflation, price fluctuations, consumption patterns, the value of the exchange rate, and the global economy.

The economic factor is very instrumental in the development of instant noodle company X, the economic situation also gave a significant impact because if the condition of the economy is stable or otherwise are under normal circumstances, then the company can market its products on consumers surely by paying attention to the income level customers as well as pay attention to consumer consumption patterns. Instant noodle company X must also pay attention to how large capital requirements required of the company in maintaining its business activity is normal so that companies can review the development of the his producer in accordance with the condition of the economy. Because economic conditions may reduce or increase consumer consumption in instant noodles X and greatly affect corporate earnings.

2. Social, cultural, demographic, and environmental

Influence of a company with regard to lifestyle and consumption levels of a product.
Instant noodle company X in marketing his product should pay attention to the conditions of the population, an increase in population density and population on the location marketing is becoming one of the factors that need to be analyzed, as well as in terms of consumer lifestyle. The company must be consider it is in marketing his product because if a particular location on the level of consumption of the residents is not so high. Companies need to find a location that the level of consumption against instant noodles X

3. Politics, Government, and law

With regard to the rules and laws that apply in the country where the company resides. Government regulations can be profitable but it can also be a hindrance for the company in terms of taxes.
In the instant noodle company x is defined rules or code of conduct his own company but there are government regulations in terms of taxes or policies other than the taxes that affect the performance of the company.

4. Technology

Companies should consider the technology changes that will affect the industry in General as it creates new markets, creating new products and better products, as well as any changes or competitive cost position in an industry.

To produce quality instant noodle is good then it takes sophisticated technology in order to make its products better and able to compete with other companies. Instant noodle company itself must be able to see the development of technology in the present.

5. Competitive

With regard to innovation, appears different, improve product quality, and market share.
Instant noodle company X in the market not only compete with the one company that also manufactures instant noodles, but there are still some other similar companies, best became the company's rival instant noodles x in seizing market share. Therefore the company should be able to give different innovations in its products, for example, attract the attention of consumers with the product or cover flavored or different scents on instant noodles X so that it can increase the desire of consumers to producing that product.

The company also must always pay attention to and improve the quality of the product so that it can see the opportunity to become the most minimized products consumers amid competition with other instant noodles as well as the products will not be outdone in competition the market.

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