Wednesday 14 November 2018

How to Motivate Employee in Difficult Times

Employee Motivation: In difficult times, we must give more effort to restore the situation for the better. But this is not easy, considering all teams should make the same effort. That's why motivating employees to be one of the challenges in times of trouble

How to Employee Motivation?

Employee Motivation,Employee Motivation techniques, importance of Employee Motivation, Employee Motivation articleEvery company wants a productive worker in a positive environment and remains highly motivated, so they perform their tasks with enthusiasm, even if economic or market conditions are difficult. A dedicated and diligent workforce can be a key factor that can bring a company ahead of its competitors. As a leader you can keep your team motivated and functioning in a good way to help you achieve your company's goals by:

Share the bigger picture

Employees will pay more attention to their work if they realize the importance of the role they play. The task of customer service is to provide answers to client questions. But if the staff members in this role are aware that satisfied customers are the best ads for their organization, they will answer questions and try their best to solve the problem.

All employees must know how critical their function is to the company's business. They must understand that if organizational sales increase and their profits grow, they will also benefit.

Empowering workers

A manufacturing company expects its employees to produce high quality and defect-free products while service-oriented companies want workers to meet and exceed customer expectations. But do the staff members of the company give tools and authority to do their work effectively?

It is important for every organization to provide a safe and comfortable working environment, modern and latest equipment, and all other facilities that allow workers to perform their tasks efficiently.

If the worker on the factory floor is equipped with an outdated machine, or if the sales department is not authorized to schedule the time, then it is unlikely they will deliver the expected results.

Treat employees with respect

A good impulse or word can make a great effect. Praise and acknowledgment of a well done job will boost morale and productivity.

On the other hand, a corporate manager who constantly shouts at employees will only demotivate them and endanger the company's image.

Set measurable targets

Tell employees what is expected of them in a clear and unambiguous way. Periodically check the actual achievement of the intended purpose. A detailed job description for each role will provide clarity and help employees focus their efforts.

When organizational staff realize that their work will be objectively assessed, they will concentrate on results. As a result, the company will witness an increase in performance.

Encourage workers to communicate

Every successful organization is very specialize to keep its communication channels open with staff at all levels. This practice allows senior management to learn about issues and issues as they arise. Employee complaints can be overcome in the early stages.

Give examples to subordinates

Most employees look to their team leaders or senior management members for guidance on issues. If the manager has a positive attitude, then the manager will be infected. Conversely, if the top executive is autocratic, it will have an adverse effect on employee morale.

The manager should remember what Maya Angelou, poet and civil rights activist, say about motivation, "I have learned that people will forget what you say, people will forget what you do, yet people will never forget how you feel . "

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