Monday 5 November 2018

Six Sigma Myths

Six Sigma is too slow : Six Sigma Myths #1

I hear all this at one time. "Six sigma slows me down. That data takes a long time". Two things about this legend; One - there is no time constraint on six sigma. Typically, one project takes 3-6 months to complete, but I can complete them in less time.

I took them a long time. My observation about this is that if you have a problem with speed in six sigma, then see the organizational dynamics in it which can be done by it. Are other types of projects done faster. Still achieving good results?

If so, then maybe there might be training problems with six sigma practitioners. Or there may be problems with the accessibility and utility of important data for analysis. Otherwise there may be an underlying problem with responsibility and urgency in the organization.

Another common problem that leads to "slow down gradually" criticism. It uses six sigma to implement a previously known solution. The purest reason for launching six Sigma projects is to solve the problem, we do not know how to solve it. If we use six sigma to solve the problems.

So we already know the answer. Then, the decision to implement the solution and to implement it will slow down. The Six Sigma is a misuse of six sigma used to make management commitment to a well-known solution.

After all, "six sigma is too slow" excuse is not usually an excuse to do anything. Which has taken time to make the performance better than doing six sigma.

Six Sigma Stifles Innovation : Six Sigma Myths #2

There is nothing else other than truth. I am more familiar with the design for the Six Sigma (DFS) method known as PODOV. (Plan, Identity, Design, Optimize, Validation) I also have a DMADV contact but are less aware. Every step of the review will be summarized, where creative thinking is frustrating, there is no step in the process.

In fact, creative thinking is need to develop a potential solution. The only essential requirement for innovative thinking is that innovation results are necessary to convey customer requirements through their critical two quality characteristics (CTQs). Just this Develop the latest solution, but make sure you have something that the customer needs.

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