Monday, 5 November 2018

Functions of the sales promotion strategy

The functions of sales promotion strategy is to achieve the purpose of the communication. The techniques and incentives give some profit, sales promotions can be use to target buyers. Even answering a special chance, and create the incentive to purchase.

In developing the sales promotion strategy first need was define the tasks of communication that is expect to be achieve by the promotion of sales. Next special promotion goals establish regarding awareness and the desire to buy. Need to be evaluate the relative austerity of sales promotion methods are reasonable and choose the methods that offer a combination and the best cost.


Communication is the purpose of a function on sales promotion strategy activities on a sale. So the techniques and methods of communication that will give the exact benefit for the company. Both the contents of the sales promotion time should be coordinate with other promotional activities.

The following are the purposes of the goods and services marketing strategy:

  1. Quality improvement of coordination within the marketing team

  2. Measuring marketing results base on the applicable standard of achievement

  3. Provide a logical basis in any decision making

  4. Able to improve the ability to adapt if there are changes in marketing.


Eventually the program was implement and evaluate base on the bad luck. Evaluation to measure the extent to which the objectives have been achieve. For example, trade show results can be evaluate to determine how many contacts do turn into purchases.

Promotional Functions

Promotion is an important part of the marketing strategy, because the promotions are use in informing and influencing marketers or other parties so that consumers are interest in doing deals or Exchange products and services market. To set the strategy sales promotion, then it must first know the promotional function as follows:

Provide information

Encourage consumers to create awareness about new products, educate them about brand facilities and benefits, and to create a company image that produces a product or service. Promotional displays, role brands for advertising brands and customers by providing the benefits of existing brands are more valuable.

To explain

Media promotion or advertising good wishes, customers are able to try the products and services offer. Sometimes the shape of persuasion affects the primary, that is, create the demand for the entire product category. Generally, the promotion tries to make a secondary request to inquire for specific company brands.


Ads Brand customers remain fresh in memory customers When a requirement arises, it relates to advertising and services, in the past, the promotion brand allows advertisers to be present in the customer's mind. Customers have been advise to impress upon the transfer of brands by reminding consumers that they do not buy brands available recently and that include beneficial features.

Increase in Values

There are three basic ways in which companies can change their deals, innovation, quality, refinance or the assumption of customers. The value-added third element is true independent. Effective reason branding can be promote more prominent, more stylish, more reputable, and more than competing.

Be willing to help

Advertising is one of the promotional tools. Promotions will help sales reps. Advertising promotes the selling process of the company's products and provides valuable representation to sellers before a personal touch with a prospective customer. The cost of effort, time, and advertising can be save as the potential information needs less time to provide information about the benefits and privileges of the service.

What's more, what has been said by the legalization of advertising or by a representative of the seller's claim is more reliable.

Program or activity of the communication need to be evaluate periodically for their effectiveness. The evaluation was conduct to measure whether the objectives have been achieve or not. For example, at the exhibition/expo trade company product then evaluation focuses on the number of contacts record for was change to prospective customers or suppliers.

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