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purpose of sales promotion strategy

sales promotion strategy

The purpose of the highly diversify sales promotion strategy that is stimulating demand, increasing the desire of consumers to try the product, creating goodwill, enhance consumer purchase.  It could push consumers to buy more and minimize behavior of another brand. Even or encourage consumers to try new products.


Other purposes could also be to encourage purchase of rework products. It can attract new customers, affecting its customers to try new products, promotional activities of attacking competitors. Sales promotions aims to stimulate responses that buyer quick. Which among other things is the race, gift-giving, the combination deals, coupons, and discounts to consumers.


The goal of the promotion is to influence a consumer in taking decisions to increase sales volume. In other respects there is also promotion of IE sell an item or service. In the promotion we do not merely communicate or convey information. But also wants the communication that is capable of creating an atmosphere/State where the customers are willing to choose and own the product. Thus will the promotion shall always be based on a few things so that the expected objectives can be achieved.

In general, the purpose of sales promotion:

  1. Increasing demand from industrial users and/or the end consumer.

  2. Improve the performance of the company

  3. Supports and coordinates the activities of the personal selling and advertising.

As for the goal of the company doing the promotion to inform (informing), influence and persuade (persuading) as well as remind (reminding) customers on the company and its marketing mix. The purpose of the promotion is four things, i.e., introduced himself, cajoling, modification and shaping behavior as well as a reminder about the company and product in question.

In principle between the two is identical, i.e. alike to explain when a product is new then the need to introduce or inform the consumer that there are currently new products are not inferior to the old products. After consumers learned of the new product, consumers are expected to be affected and persuaded so switch to that product. And in the end, the company is merely a reminder that the product is still good for consumption. This is due to the large number of attacks coming from competitors.

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