Friday 30 November 2018

8 Ways to Increase Productivity on the production lines

Some companies may make mistakes when they want to improve their performance. However, the biggest mistake was when they decide there was nothing that could be better.
Why is that?

Various studies have shown even with traditional tools like lean manufacturing and Six Sigma able to provide opportunities. To increase productivity in the company. Such tools can provide real benefits in a short time and use only low capital investment.

Actually what is bothering the company? Here's the main problem:

  1. The existence of "silos"

    The silo mentality can occur when a team or department shares a common task. But is base on the power and status of their group. They often do not communicate effectively and tend to develop their own solutions in solving problems. In fact, various problems they face are related to performance and problems in other departments.

  2. High Margin

    The high margin obtained would be a satisfaction for the company's management. Impact, management let companies live with low productivity.

  3. Low Aspiration

    Often management lowers its productivity targets as the company's performance deteriorates, it certainly can suppress any ambition to improve.

  4. Resource Range

    Reorganizations sometimes leave the company with a team without technical knowledge. Thereby limiting and impeding the team to make improvements. This results in reliance on external knowledge and resources to solve problems. Internal resources have limited time to understand the root of the problem in depth and find the answer. So they are not able to make long-term solutions. In some large companies, this often creates problems. You are quite familiar with the problem above, right? All of these problems can be solve as soon as possible. Here's how:

  5. Develop a deep understanding of the process

    Make sure you understand the core principles and functions of your equipment process. Learn the process, find the right recommendation without justification.

  6. Holding a Joint Discussion

    Combining multiple disciplines such as engineering, science and operations with cross-sect oral experience is invaluable. This allows us to adopt or even find something new in the business to increase productivity.

  7. Quick test

    There are many ways to test ideas cheaply and quickly. Avoid the long academic and theoretical approaches as the scientists did.

  8. Evaluate the impact of overall improvement (end-to-end)

    To build a business case, evaluate all the impacts of improvement on the whole process. Not just the specific steps involve.

The above steps are certainly valuable. No more hesitation, now you can stretch your productivity targets!

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