Sunday 14 October 2018

CMI Model of the internal process perspective

The CMI Mortality Projections Model is a deterministic model driven by user inputs. The model is based on the assumption that current rates of mortality improvement converge to a single long-term rate. As we said at the time, in order to integrate all views of bass that can be seen is the management of a company, the scorecard adopts, in principle, four fundamental perspectives.

If we do memory, will remember that these four fundamental perspectives are:

  • Financial perspective

  • The customer's perspective

  • The internal process perspective

  • Learning and growth perspective

Representing it in a graph it would look like:

internal process perspective

Today we will focus on one of these key perspectives: in particular, with the internal process.

Model of the internal process perspective.

The three main protagonists of the success of the organizations are: shareholders, customers and employees. The first two we have already dealt with the first two prospects and employees will deal the next. However, the satisfaction of employees does not directly contribute to the success of the company but that makes it through the optimization of the processes.

Indeed, satisfied and carried out their work employees may contribute significantly to the improvement of the processes, but if these are tares internal, such as the poor quality of the materials, facilities inadequate or improper organization of the means of production, the employees may be little do more than despair or losing the initial motivation.

Process Management

The process management has always had a significance that is essential in all systems of quality and not difficult to integrate it into the tool of the scorecard, and can take advantage of the situation of their implementation to consider some aspects cite, that have been scarcely considered in traditional systems.

Is, for example, the establishment of indicators that take into account the innovation of processes and products, since r & d concepts acquired more and more importance in the attainment of the survival and development of organizations, and can be considered indicators such as: the number of new products on the catalog total, the percentage of products with less than two years, the average number of the terms used in the design of new products, the successes in the new designs, the rate of return of the elements of the new design and new features on the old estimate.

The concept

Indicators relating to the quality of the processes, taking into account that it is a combination of the quality of the products and the cost of the processes considered in its broadest sense. So the concept of quality should have the meaning of adaptation to the market and not only to the requirements, since a product or service can be perfect from the technical point of view and complete all of the requirements set out for it, but reap the more absolute rejection of the market, not to adapt to the varying tastes of consumers.

The concept of cost of the process is to be taken in all its full extent in such a way that it cannot be a reduced cost if the operation leads to accidents, pollution of the environment, excessive stocks storeable or manifest waste of resources.

Although it has an impact on customer’s satisfaction clearly could be considered here, since they relate directly to processes, waiting indicators which emphasize the significance of time as a critical factor processes.

Critical factors & CMI Model

Indeed, time is a critical factor of the cost and it can be evaluate by the indicator. That are effectiveness of the manufacturing cycle, indicating the relationship between the total time of duration of the process. Which is usually encoded in several days. The effective production time, which usually does not exceed several hours.

The ideal goal is to the efficiency of the manufacturing cycle is approaching the unit, although it is one of the great utopias of industrial processes and has to face to get it, with the monster of a thousand faces of the bureaucracy.

Must also consider that time is a critical service, give that the only term that tends to satisfy customers is the immediate. Everything that is queuing at a window. It have to wait for the arrival of an order or arrive late to a destination, very negatively affects. The perception of quality from the customer, if the queue to receive a gift the order. It does not run any hurry and the arrival destination is a place of rest.

Internal process indicators:

With these indicators will measure as it transforms the organization customer expectations into finished products:

Net yieldFrequency rateIndex useful changes
Maintenance indicesPercentage of rejectionsSeverity rate
No. patents/yearAverage age of machinesCost per product
Certified SystemNo. suppliersValue of stocks
Waste evaluationCertified productsRejections to suppliers
Dead timesCost of transportCompliance audits

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