Monday 15 October 2018

Check sheet

Check sheet or sheets of check is a tool to simplify the process of data collection. Usually the shape of the form in which the items to be check has been print in the form. The check sheet can be use both for data variable or attribute data though generally much use for attribute data.

Check Sheet is tools that are often use in the Manufacturing Industry for data retrieval in the production process that is then process into information and useful results in decision making.

When are we going to use a Check Sheet?

  1. You want to examine (observation) a process repeatedly on the same person or the same place.

  2. We want to collect data on certain Processes in production.

  3. When we want to find out how often (frequency) of an occurrence (events), problem (problem), defects (defects), the cause of the problem (causes), the location of defects (defects location) occurs in the production process.

Check sheet is a simple document that is use to collect data at the moment of real-time and at the location where the data appears.

This document usually consists of a blank form that is design for "record" or store the information you want quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Information this collect information can be either qualitative or quantitative data. Check sheet which has also sometimes call quantitative data with tally sheets.

If your work related to quality control, of course You already know that the check sheet is one of the seven basic tools of quality control.

Here we provide five basic types of check sheet:

  • Classification: Trait such as defects or failure mode must be classify into several categories

  • Location: The physical location of a trait is indicate in the description of the part or item being evaluate

  • Frequency: The presence or absence of a trait or a combination of the trait must be flank. The amount of trait that appears on a part can also be indicate.

  • Measurement scale: Measurement scale is divide into several intervals. Measurement is indicate with a check or check out a decent interval

  • Check list: The item to be inform on a job will be record. If each has reach the target, it can be indicate that the work has been complete.

Check Sheet is one of the tools in QC 7 tools (7 quality control tool). That simplest and are often use as tools in the collection first before use to be present in the form of graphs.

By using the Check Sheet of a structure and standardize Check. As well then we can minimize the difference in the way the data retrieval base on each person.

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