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A3 Problem Solving Report

A3 problem solving report is one of Toyota's favorite tools , because it is consider the most effective method of problem solving. Toyota uses A3 (11 "x 17") paper to create consistent, clear and structure problem-solving documentation.

A3 report sample

Every organization would want to have a superior process with as few mistakes as possible. To that end, various p roblem solving tool adopt by various organizations with the same goal: improvise the existing process to produce output that is better. Unfortunately, not all organizations have successfully practice problem solving tools successfully.

Why A3 Report?

A change agent who has 14 years of experience in Lean Manufacturing's implementation in Toyota , Daniel D. Matthews, explains why many organizations fail to implement problem-solving tools and how A3 Problem Solving can help. Matthews points out that failure in problem-solving is often the result of hasty steps; sometimes the problem solver is too quick to deduce the cause of the problem or even jump directly to the countermeasure before they fully understand the characteristics of the problem being address.

A3 Problem Solving Method

In the A3 Problem-Solving method, change agents are encourage to postpone reactive actions (as natural human reactions in the face of problems) until they get a really clear understanding of the problem. Knowledge and understanding of specific facts (of problems) are critical in the business of problem solving . To get it, you must set aside subjectivity and replace it with facts.

To know the facts accurately, you should look for them directly. Not just through reports and opinions of others. Find as much information as possible directly in the field. The data you get will also be helpful in the process of translation of the problem.

To understand the problem in detail, you'll need to describe it to some specific characters. The key to alleviating the problem is to go through the process journey and let the facts guide you, rather than taking action base only on opinions and feelings.

The Implementation of Problem Solving Methods: Why Should A3?

Toyota has a habit of running A3 problem solving every time it encounters problems in the process. You might be able to 'see' lots of A3 size papers that then 'turn' into problem solving documents if you have the opportunity to visit Toyota's factories . If you want to get start implementing A3, there will be many templates you can find on the internet. Although it is call A3 Problem Solving, it does not necessarily need to use A3 size paper. Sometimes Toyota uses A4-size paper, as long as all documents and information are well illustrate and expose. Do not use one template alone, because it will narrow down your horizon.

Of the many problem solving methods , why would Toyota prefer the A3? The answer may be because this method offers faster, more precise and targeted problem-solving. There may be a temporary countermeasure long before the A3 process is completed; will usually expire in 24 hours for quality issues . In addition, A3 Problem Solving can be run in conjunction with Root Cause Analysis .

Advanstages of A3 Report

A3 Problem Solving report

Another advantage of the A3 method is that problem solving documents can be store and archive. Once the problem is over and quality increases, Toyota does not just throw away their A3 documentation. The documentation is compile to 'preserve' responses to problems, technical knowledge and design, and so on. This is an important part of the program that has goals for sustainability and continuous improvement . Toyota usually keeps their A3 Problem Solving documents for a period of 5-6 years.

Free  Printable A3 Report excel template

Printable A3 Report excel template

Simple A3 Report excel format

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