Tuesday 21 August 2018

What is a Personal Coaching?

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is a relationship which is designed and defined in a relationship agreement between a client and a coach. Growing number of request personal coaching, I want to explain the limitations of personal coaching needs to be understood together. This understanding is important, so that no mistakes misunderstandings later.

Based on the definition of Timothy Gallwey, coaching is to open one's potential to maximize their own performance. Is helping them to learn than teach them.

While the official definition from the International Coach Federation (ICF), the coach is a process of partnership with the coaches to maximize your personal and professional potential of the stimulate with the process of thought and done with the creative process.

Does that mean a help to redirect and clarify your steps, including steps to learn? Coaching is different to learn. But through coaching You will be assisted in knowing what needs to be learned and how so you can learn it.

Introduction to personal coaching

Coaching different from consulting. The consultation that there is a problem and a consultant is to solve the problem. He was paid based on the solution of which is done in the form of ideas and suggestions. In contrast to coaching more focused guide a client to do something. That Act was the coach and client Guide.

When clients need solving, it means there is already extra duties in addition to coaching. No problem-solving while coaching, but the coach can help steer the client in order to find the problem. Meaning must be determined from the beginning when you are going to use experts, coaching or consulting. Different.

Differ also with counseling and therapy. Counseling and therapy is often used for psychological problems. More counseling to the establishment of true understanding (performed with dialogue), while the therapy if the problem is more severe and the specific actions required. I am not a Counselor and therapist, but a coach, consultant, and trainer.

Then what is the training? More training to transfer certain capabilities to you. Just give the ability, regardless of how science is to be used. In coaching, transfer ability there but more targeted to a specific purpose.

There may be a different understanding, but this is my understanding and work with me will certainly use this understanding.

Benefits of Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is the key to make it more purposeful in action. Not confused anymore, there is that correct, and guide. The Coaching is required to achieve your goals more quickly, than be groped direction of action. Coaching saves your precious time. Coaching into your life to the point!

An interesting story when the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, who was un-train by a Coach named Bill Campbell which have never become the CEO of the company bigger than Google. And, in his biography, Eric Schmidt acknowledged that the best decision in his leadership in Google is getting coaching from Bill Google.

According to the survey results, the benefits of doing ICF coaching is:

  • 62.4% of people have had an increase of predetermined goals

  • 60.5% have a more balanced life

  • 57.1% felt the decrease of the level of stress experienced by

  • 52.4% have better self-confidence

  • 43.3% felt that by having a coach they've improved the quality of life

  • 25.7% have had an increase in income

Essentially, the benefits of coaching is to help You to better understand and gain clarity about yourself, your potential, your problem, and solutions are needed. Coaching is digging the potential yourself.

Personal Coaching Process

The core of personal coaching is communication. A coach is not a duty to teach, but rather to hear, dig, and stimulate your thoughts.

Communication can be done face-to-face or can also use the technology for long-distance communication. Now the age of the internet, so the distance is no longer a barrier to coaching. Wherever you are, as long as it is still connected to the internet, you can do the coaching with me.

The Cost of a Personal Coach

The cost can vary, depending on the field of what would be expected. Could cost per month or per project, in accordance with the agreement. For cost certainty, please directly contact me. Fees paid in advance of each period.

Can it be coaching break up the dial? It could just be, staying the course is discussed.

At least the same employment contract is 1 month.

Ways of Communication

Communication can be done remotely, there are many ways to communicate now:

  1. Email

  2. Via chat (YM, W, WA, etc.)

  3. SMS

  4. Via telephone

To chat and phone calls are limited each week, because of the nature of life (direct communication). While SMS and emails may ask anytime.

Provision of Coaching

  1. Chat and call upon appointment or schedule.

  2. The allocation of direct communication 2 X per week @ 1 hour. Please select phone or chat. This is the allocation, to be used or not.

  3. Allocation of monitoring the work of 2 times per week. Feedback or direction given via email.

  4. Questioning via SMS or email, we've got the Schedule 1 time check and schedule emails every day. Please feel free to ask questions directly of the complete, not installments. If the answers have to do with the direct communication, then it is scheduled on the next schedule or according to agreement.

  5. There may be an additional fee for consultation. It's also possible I give it as a bonus.

Success Guarantee

There is no guarantee that you will achieve your goals, for the fact that define your own. You're acting and you decide. The task of the coach is to help, give advice, and referrals. There is a final decision in the hands of the client. We do not accept coaching with warranty of results.

Why Me?

Thank God I have long study and become a writer or author of the book that deals with success, personal development, and motivation. Already a dozen good books products, eBooks, videos, and audio related to success and self-development.

To be your partner for success

Will I be able to coach people with different backgrounds and professions? Basically the principle of success and personal achievement was the same for the various fields. Maybe I don't understand your field, but in God I know in order for you to succeed in your field. Please check the definition of coaching above.

The Topic of Coaching I Provide

My main coaching topics related to life coaching. If any are related to business or entrepreneurship, is it to the personal. For example, if you want to move the employee into a quadrant of the businessman.

The main purpose of coaching that I give is to change yourself for the better from the current concession or be personally that you want. Among the themes you can select coaching with me.

  1. To become more positive and optimistic to achieve success.

  2. How to become more confident.

  3. Be more productive individual.

  4. To become more creative, able to generate great ideas.

  5. How to become a personal who have high motivation and still have the motivation?

  6. Become a private respite in starting and running a business?

  7. How do I overcome the obstacles themselves as lazy and procrastinator?

  8. Do how I optimize a wide range of potential and existing assets in yourself and your surroundings?

  9. To become a champion minded individual?

  10. How to be a person who is able to overcome the various problems he faced.

  11. Be  a person who has an awareness of successes so that sure will be successful.

  12. How to cope with the confusion of the moment will be stepping into a better direction or a new direction.

  13. The bottom line is ready to help you become better.

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