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Financial Performance Analysis

Financial Performance Analysis

A financial performance analysis is the process of identifying the financial strengths and weaknesses of the firm by properly establishing the relationship between the items of balance sheet and profit and loss account.
The company is required to develop an accounting or record-keeping as a source of information had an important role in providing an overview of the financial state of the Corporation. Usually the financial picture in each accounting period are reported in a financial report as the end product of a company's activities. The financial statements balance sheet usually in the form as well as the calculation of the profit or loss statements profit, in addition there are also reports earnings that are being held within a certain period.

Introduction to Financial Performance Analysis

Furthermore, the company is always based on the balance sheet, as it describes a position or wealth, debt and capital, the calculation of the profit or loss statements profit, will show changes in financial position for a certain period. While the profit loss report is withheld the report changes in financial position are derived from the business activities of the company something in a certain period.

Thus, the purpose of the preparation of the financial statements is to provide information to the parties concerned towards the business activities of the company. Good external internal party party or company to be used as consideration in forecasting and economic decision-making, in accordance with their respective interests. Teamwork aspect of liquidity and profitability of the company in order to get a clearer picture of the State of the company. On the basis that the posts contained in the financial statements should be prepared well and systematically in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles commonly accepted.

 Financial Statement

To that end, the financial statements of an enterprise can be made of materials testers of the job part bookkeeping and as a tool to determine or assess the financial position of an enterprise at a specific time and can be known to the level of the company's ability owned, when required by the parties in need.

The analysis of the financial performance of the company which is always based on the balance sheets and statements of the company profit reports financial changes required sometimes to know the development of the company's activity financial management, so that it can Note that to cycle all its level of to what extent. If the rotation quite smoothly, then the level of risk less smoothly as expected a sustainable company.

The objective rather than the balance sheet is to know the level of the company's ability to present the results of the management of its financial reserves to parties who require data or information about the company in question, so that the parties can decisions about the wisdom or what steps would be taken.

Financial Performance Report

Therefore required a financial performance report, which contains the results of the analysis and interpretation of financial position where it can be clearly effectiveness of known investment and fees from private equity and loans. This report is badly needed by the lender, the bank or lender candidates, both as a measure of the ability of repayment of the loan or the size of the ability of the company gained profit.

Measuring Effectiveness of financial management

It encourages authors to examine the financial performance in terms of effectiveness and financial management at the company's noodles instants, engaged in production and sales. In addition to that point the problems are discussed, namely the company's financial performance was considered problematic against use of finances.

Review overall performance process

Based on the above mentioned things that encourage writers to examine financial performance review of some aspects of the liquidity, solvency, activity and earning ratios on the instant noodle company. In addition to that point the problems are discussed, namely management analysis of long-term debt to gain advantages that most companies are considered normal to the use of finance, so that the author chose the research object .

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