Wednesday, 19 July 2017

What is Leadership?

Leadership. Lead means lead to actions of others to drive and set it to achieve the target as already specified. Management will have someone else do it, as well as leadership and guardianship at the lower levels.

The leader supervising people who placed below it which means that as long as there is a submission of leadership of actions over grades, with such elements of management are not only found in the peak, but at all levels, except the lowest levels.


In summary or delegates it which means that to have someone else to do something on behalf of us, then there needs to be a transfer of authority in accordance with the needs. So the handover of tasks, authority and initiative, the meaning is that the responsibility for implementation is right for the tasks that are redirected and to do it.

Delegation concerns the surrender of a person domiciled higher duties to his subordinate officer. The overall implementation of the its handed over to concerned. In the giving and receiving of the task raises the responsibility to perform tasks with all right accordance with the leadership, so that so that the task can be done done exactly to be given the authority required for the its implementation.
Delegation of authority should be reasonably utilized responsibilities.

Submission includes a trinity, as follows:

  1. Task
  2. Authority
  3. Responsibility

The responsibility is not the starting point but the end point of the process of delegation which must be viewed from the granting of a workable with the task in a way that may be needed so that the task can be done and can be accounted for its implementation.

The Delegation is not meaningful authority wrongly, that the grant had been relinquished his responsibilities, as well as received by a recipient that responsibility means people who bestow authority remains responsible for the implementation of the a task that has been assigned to another person.

When maintained with the roundness of the conception of wisdom, leadership and implementation organizational attack actions that can help the implementation tasks, as follows:
  1. Submission of discretion reasonably, so the party that receives the task of understanding the objectives of surrender wisdom in acquiring an adjustment between the person giving the assignment and the people who run it.
  2. Hatching clear about tasks, the authority-the authority and responsibility, especially the adjustment between the two last aspect regarding the responsibility of  heavier than the authority given.
  3. The use of the budget of the company, something a very appropriate tool for delivery of wisdom.
  4. Ordinance organization is appropriate.
  5. Communication system that runs good, upward or downward, so the party giver task immediately obtain news about its implementation.
  6. The instructions contain general directives for its implementation.

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