Thursday, 20 July 2017

Balanced Scorecard - With 5S Relationship

A Balanced Scorecard (BSC), in my humble opinion, is one of the best management reporting frameworks available. The balanced scorecard is a management framework that translates an organization's strategic objectives into a set of performance measures to be applied to customer, product, process and market development.
Increased local and global competition is the fact that many companies of various sizes must face every day. The environment a more aggressive competitiveness requires them to constantly improve their productivity in order to maintain the long-term viability as well as the quality and quantity of work they provide.


Productivity and competitiveness are influenced by a variety of internal and external factors. The external factors include the political, social and economic conditions, government policies and institutional mechanisms. Although these factors can have a significant impact, the company cannot control them.

But the company has a greater control on internal factors, which they can take advantage of to improve their performance. These factors include:

  1. Respect workers ' rights
  2. The use of equipment and technology available in an efficient
  3. Develop and utilize the skills of the workers
  4. Provide a safe working environment and healthy
  5. Apply participatory management practices

Implicit in each company in raising performance is the understanding that the way people are treated and managed as well as the way they communicate and collaborate with one another is crucial to productivity and competitiveness.

In order to increase Productivity in your organization/company needs to be grounded by discipline, Mental attitude and Solid Teamwork that led to the achievement of the objectives specified in Strategic planning of an enterprise. For that cooperation is needed in place to:
  • Facilitate agreement on business policy and workplace practices that are designed to increase productivity
  • Introducing new working methods in the various work areas in the company.
  • Create a conducive learning environment.
  • Increase the flexibility of the company and reduce the time required to respond to shifting market
  • Encourage innovation and to share information

Co-operational Workplace

For it can build cooperation work place should have: trust, Respect and communication between workers and management

Cooperation will be undertaken in three of these factors and are supported by:

  1. Disciplined, discipline over the base of the compulsion occurred due to iWatch being strict with weight sanctions. Without the supervision of the then it returns like ice, so it doesn't make it numb. Whereas discipline on the basis of sentimentality is a bad because I have become an area of everyday affliction - Today it is into the attitude of mentality and attitude, because it is done consciously. This can be accomplished because: understanding benefits; starting from easy and masking using motive and moral, something gives real results even if only a little, will be fun and give pride and want to download the game Yes over and over again over the whims of yourself 
  2. More productive Mental attitude is change in behavior is a discipline that can only be done gradually and systematically starting from the easy level, which is difficult, from a simple practical to a more difficult level (little by little), from the things that are small to things more, bro, I started myself and my work.

5s is a method of the approach to download plant discipline on the basis of self-awareness on a home stair, and in the place of work. 5S's approach is to do something from the young little h, but keep us is known as Kaizen.

According to the 5S approach, discipline, we must be mentally minded by the man who with s and creative (without being clear) who wants to create a self-discipline and the environment in accordance with the principles of productivity pro. With such emphasis, it is not on the rules that are made, but on the process of how humans create rules on themselves with ease and simplicity (practically) according to the standard of operation.

5s is a series of activities the following are done continuously:

  • Set aside items that are not specified based on plan re-layout.
  • SuCN goods are pressed to become basis from inventory and online information.
  • SaSAP or wipe out all machine parts and equipment download the base of TPM
  • Sosoh is Stacking SOP and performs as a standard implementation of the work
  • Corrupted all for a lot of fish farming in auto-experienced enterprises, becoming bthe TQC and Corporate Culture

From the picture you can see the stage of using tools as give i know:
  • You are not probably also rearranging the layout through the application of industrial engineering practices (EIP), the Japanese is still a lot of trash, dirt and stuff that is like that
  • You may not know the potential damage to equipment and fix it immediately through Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) if equipment is full of dust and dirt
  • You cannot avoid accidental collision of goods before arranging the height of items stacked, (K3)
  • You are unmotivated and the price drops due to an irregular, clean and hygienic place

By implementing 5S as the Foundation of the productivity improvement boils down to: 

Production, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety and morals

In The relationship with the Balanced Scorecard is to increase productivity through the 4 perspectives: Financial, Customer, Internal Process and Learning & Growth to increase the profit of a company through policies The increase in Revenue or reduction in the cost of production. If we observe all PQCDSM is geared towards a more efficient and effective. This will be achieved with the terms: workers who have a Productive mental attitude, Self Discipline, cooperation, Competence needs in the Office.

Thus it is extremely strong relationship 5S with the application of the BSC in the company as one of the tools in an effort to Increase productivity in a sustainable way.

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