Saturday 22 July 2017

Evaluation of Compliance for maintain environment in organization

It is very important that the organization should determine the need to maintain the knowledge and understanding of the  evaluation of compliance process and the compliance status of its compliance status. As well as evidence of results obtain from compliance evaluation, it should be maintain properly.
Evaluation of Compliance

Introduction to Evaluation of Compliance

To Establishment implement and maintain the procedure for periodically evaluating compliance with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which organization subscribes.

Management Representative has identify the applicable legal and other requirements. M.R. keeps this information up –to – date by browsing the Internet on quarterly basis, visiting to Pollution Boards, Brochures from National Safety Council and communication from Environment publisher.

The compliance status is monitor quarterly by management representative through the Measurement & Monitoring of applicable legal and other requirements. In case of new amendments the require changes shall be made in the register by management representative.

Evaluation of compliance

Evaluation of compliance with the regulations on safety and health at work is performed by means of various indicators, grouped from a functional point of view:

  • Studies require for the determination of potential risks.
  • Specific programs.
  • Safety procedures.
  • Security measures that must be establish at the workplace.
  • Aspects related to the recognition, evaluation and control of polluting agents in the work environment.
  • Monitoring the health of workers.
  • Personal protective equipment that must be use by persons expose.
  • Training should be provide to employees.
  • Authorizations to carry out risky activities, and administrative records that should be support.

The evaluation of the compliance is schedule in the Internal Audits, Management review Meetings and the results shall be record. The new developments in the legal requirements and other requirements are discuss in the Management Review Meeting. Even and compliance status shall be record.

Other than Internal Audit and Management Review the evaluation of compliance shall be carry out by Management Representative. It shall prepare the report on the compliance status on quarterly basis. The management representative sign on the report. If any noncompliance observe action shall be mention on the report.

If any noncompliance to the legal and other requirements is observe the investigation shall be carry out by management representative and concern department head of department and get it comply.

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