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Business Feasibility Study

Business Feasibility Study

A Feasibility study is division or analyses about whether an investment activities provides benefits or results when implemented for business. Many opportunities and the opportunities that exist in the business activities have been demanding need for assessment of the extent to which the activities and the opportunities it can provide benefits when business is done.

The project is a task that needs to be defined and routed to a target that is spoken in concrete and to be completed within a certain period of time by using a limited human power and use the tools are limited, so needed a type of leadership and the form of cooperation that is not as usual. Basic circuits in the planning and execution of the project is the project cycle consists of the stages of identification, preparation and implementation assessment analysis and evaluation.

Business feasibility study is a study of whether a business can be carried out successfully, the feasibility analysis conducted to see whether a business can provide benefits on investment that will be implanted.

Business feasibility study is a research about the worth or whether an investment was implemented. The result is an estimate of the feasibility of a business producing a decent profit when it is ope rationalized. The estimated success can perhaps be interpreted varies according to the party that runs the business goals.

Analysis of feasibility of important business done as an evaluation of the business is run. Parties requiring feasibility study are:

1. Investor

The investor is a party that infuse funds or capital in a business that is paying more attention to the prospects of the business (level of benefits).

2. The creditor

The party needs a feasibility study to consider in terms of the security of the funds loaned to business activity.

3. The Government of 

The more interest in the benefits for the national economy and the Government's income tax over a given business.

The underlying stuff to run the investment business feasibility study if someone saw a business opportunity, that is, whether the business opportunity can be utilized economically as well as whether or not we can get a decent enough level profit from the venture.

A feasibility study concerning the three aspects, namely:

The business economic benefit for the business itself or the financial benefits. This means that if the business is profitable enough when compared to the risks of the business.

The business economic benefits for the country in which the business is conducted, which showed the business benefits for a country's macro economy.

The social benefits of such business for the community around the business.

Investment projects generally require a fairly large funds and affect the company in the long term. Thus the goal of doing business feasibility study is to avoid sustainability investing large enough for an activity that turns out to be unprofitable.

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