Monday 24 April 2017

Preparing Work completion project report | Sample Project Report


The report on the work done will help the director to assess the effectiveness and speed of work of any employee. This is especially important now, when part of the staff works remotely. In the article we will give a step-by-step algorithm for compiling a document and give samples of reports on the work done for different situations.

The organization hired a sales manager and made him traveling. One day, the manager disappeared. I didn't come to the office, I dropped calls. A few days later, he returned and said that he did not intend to sit in the office, and he would solve work tasks "in the field". When the head of the sales department demanded from him a report on the work done, he provided only a list of organizations and the names of employees. The manager was not lazy, called the companies that were on the list and found out that the manager did not come. The manager had to be fined.

Consider why you need a report on the work done and how to use it to control the work of employees.

Why and who needs such a report

The report on the work done is an internal document of the organization, on the basis of which the manager determines the effectiveness of the work of his subordinates and sees the overall picture of business development. Such a report helps to maintain labor discipline, calculate production standards for employees and see how much staff "works" labor costs.

The benefits of using such a document are obvious not only to management, but also to subordinates. Seeing the indicators of the report on the work done, employees can independently assess the productivity of their work, pump planning skills, time management and think over their own career growth.

You can report regularly—weekly, monthly, annually, or at the request of your organization's management. If the report must be compiled on a regular basis, then this requirement should be fixed in local regulations or job descriptions of employees.

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What to write in the report on the work done

There is no single sample report on the work done. Therefore, each company develops the document independently. The only report where there is already a standard form is a report on a business trip on the form.

The rest of the reports on the work done are created by the employees themselves in an arbitrary form. Usually they do not know how to compose a text and constantly make the same mistakes:

  • write about plans and do not indicate the result of work;
  • do not specify what exactly they did and what did not work;
  • do not make an analysis of the work done;
  • there is no structure of the report - the text goes in a continuous array and it is difficult to read.
  • To create a clear report on the work done for the day, you can use a sample for an accountant working remotely, developed by our specialists:

If the company has employees with a traveling nature of work, for example, couriers or sales representatives, it is necessary to add a column on the address, type of transport, time of arrival and mode of transport to the report on the work done.

Report on the work done: sample and rules for compilation

The set of fields in the document depends on whether the report is compiled for a day, a month, or a year. For daily and weekly reports, it is not necessary to indicate the analysis and proposals for the work done. But in the report on the work done for the month or year, it is desirable to make the following columns: a list of tasks, results of work, analysis, proposals and conclusion. Optionally, you can insert tables, charts, or graphs into the report.

The report is usually submitted to management in paper or electronic form. To trace the dynamics of the process, to see what turns out well, and what is not so good, it is desirable to file reports in a folder.

How to make a report on the work done: recommendations

Think in advance about the structure and form of the report. Sketch a draft and conditionally divide it into three parts. In the first, briefly describe the goals that faced you, the stages of implementation: activities, tools, resources. In the second part - analyze the results of the work, the difficulties that have arisen and the options for their solution. In conclusion, give conclusions and suggestions.

Write concisely and simply. You can provide more information later if you need it. Avoid dry presentation of the material, visualize the text as much as possible. Offer at least two ways out of the situation and always clarify the risks. Choose one of the proposed solutions and justify it. Show that you didn't just collect the data, but also analyzed it.

Prepare annual reports in advance, not in an emergency mode. Often, reports are prepared in a hurry, when the manager suddenly unexpectedly requested data for the past period. And then the frantic search for the necessary information in archives and scattered sources begins. Ideally, prepare from the very beginning of work in the company. It is important to identify the indicators that you need to regularly analyze and track, and then implement a system for collecting and summarizing these indicators.

Be prepared for the fact that the manager may not be satisfied with your report on the work done. After the manager reviews the report, he can ask to redo it. This usually happens because there is not enough data to draw definitive conclusions.

Formulate goals and objectives for the next reporting period.

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