Thursday 17 August 2023

How to establish project teams?


project teams

Project team formation is in the formation stage of the team, in this stage, team members generally have a positive attitude and are eager to use their skills and work. On the other hand, team members are not clear about how the future work should progress, team norms have not yet been established, team members do not understand their responsibilities and the roles of other members.

The relationship between members is still very vague, and members are full of questions, such as, what is our purpose, who are the other members.

How are they, can I get along with them... They will doubt that they can be recognized by other members and worry about whether their role aligns with their development and career interests. Members tend to be agitated and hopeful, and also show doubt, anxiety, and hesitation because of the unknown of the goal.


At this stage, the project manager should do the following:


  • Self-adjustment, give yourself a new positioning.
  • Convey their beliefs and ideas about team culture to members and establish their own management style.
  • Capture people's hearts: actively communicate with members, understand their expectations for the team, themselves, and future work, and eliminate their doubts.
  •  Organize some activities to enhance understanding among members.
  • Explain the project objectives to the team, envision the bright prospects and benefits of success, and require members to be prepared to participate in the development of the team phase plan.
  • Explain the principles for selecting team members and the role that each person should assume to achieve the goal.
  • Initial organizational construction, including establishing initial operating procedures for teamwork, standardizing communication channels, approvals, and documentation, etc., and institutionalizing these specifications as the project progresses.
  • Organize the team to start some initial work.

Some project managers only care about dealing with a bunch of materials and documents or keep an eye on some work in front of them, without obvious work style and style. It is difficult to control the overall situation.

The project manager is the leader and manager of the team, and the focus of the project manager is to plan, organize, coordinate and control. For these tasks, project managers need to think holistically and grasp people's hearts. Shape management style and cultivate team personality. In short, project managers need Smart work, not just Hard work.

Some new project managers ignore their new roles and positioning, and often act according to their original experience and role, such as showing authority and giving orders to team members, which will be detrimental to team collaboration and members' enthusiasm.

Therefore, the project manager must understand the characteristics of the team and choose the appropriate leadership style and management style.

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