Tuesday 20 June 2023

Innovators have two challenges


Innovators have two challenges


The progress of science and technology and the breakthrough of information and communication technology make the acquisition of knowledge easier than in the past, the barriers to entry of technology in any industry are generally reduced, imitation competitors will also appear rapidly, but also because globalization brings competition globalization, the intensity of competition between enterprises is greatly improved, the result of fierce competition is that the industrial homogeneity is improved, the difference is reduced, competition relies on the last tool - price, the result of price reduction competition has caused enterprises to reduce profits or even in the loss of money operation, the IT industry of the past decade, today's mobile phone industry, Innovation is the ability to get enterprises out of the Red Sea competition and move towards sustainable operation.

Innovation comes at a cost, but not innovating is even more costly

Initiating enterprise innovation is not a simple task, innovation is a mission, in addition to creating a culture that encourages innovation, but also to protect the flame of enterprise innovation, because innovation is always incompatible with existing values, will always encounter the old forces to counterattack, this is the innovator's dilemma.

How do you overcome this innovator's dilemma?

A culture of innovation is nurtured above all else.

Managers should develop a culture of telling the truth in their companies. The closer to the grassroots level employees are actually closer to the truth than the operators, they also feel the company's problems the deepest, their opinions are the most true, but they are based on protecting themselves or meeting managers, not necessarily willing to tell the truth, so that the truth-tellers will not be subject to the fall of the settlement, employees dare to tell the truth.

If the person in power always does not have the patience to listen to the problems reported by the employees, it will be natural in the organization to act too much, and the management does not like to listen to it, and the culture of reporting good news and not reporting worries will eventually be deceived by the top and bottom, and it is only a matter of time before the company goes into extinction.
Operators should play the role of proposing issues, encourage employees to put forward opinions and dialogues on issues, do not preset their own views as the bottom line, even if the opinions put forward by employees are different from their own, or even not mature enough, they should not criticize and reprimand on the spot, but should guide dialogue, so that better opinions can be presented in the process of argumentation. 

That's how many good ideas pop up.

Innovation is not completed by one or two geniuses, but by a group of people who collide with wisdom for a long time, and the continuous increase and correction will remove ideas, and finally there will be a good idea for extreme innovation. In a word, it is definitely harmful to the sense of innovation. There are many managers or managers who are strict with military management, only requiring deployment to follow leaders and orders, not allowing subordinates to have different opinions, and subordinates are also accustomed to figuring out the thoughts of superiors before speaking, and gradually the company has only one idea and one voice. This kind of "one-word" management model is most common in Eastern managers, one-word management model, the bottleneck and limitation is the operator itself, innovation is difficult to occur in this management situation.

To reward employees who dare to innovate, even if innovation fails, not only should not be punished, but should protect the rights and interests of innovators and promotion and development opportunities, if innovation failure will be punished, no one will dare to innovate.

Innovation takes time to succeed, and operators must have enough patience to wait for the fruits of innovation and set reasonable expectations and goals so as not to return to the old fashion. Innovation is an investment of time and resources. There will be no harvest without irrigation.

The organization of innovation undertakings should be different from mature organizations, and even special task groups, and the place of work can also be considered to be separated from the existing mature organizations and directly reported to the top leaders to avoid the interference of the innovation organization and the waist.

Innovation is a fashionable slogan, but it is the key to the sustainability of an enterprise, which is worth thinking about by operators and managers.


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