Friday 16 June 2023

How to control key points in project | Project Evaluation

Key points in project

Key points in project | Serious, strict, and rigorous control key points of project evaluation is to ensure the quality of evaluation, the scope, marketing, scale, technology, technology and address of the project and the project's marketing tiger strategy, resource conditions adaptability and favorability.

1. "Three strictness" to control the key points in project evaluation, serious, strict and rigorous control of the key points of project evaluation is the basis for ensuring the quality of evaluation. 

The key points are listed below:

Whether there is a conflict between the basic objectives of the project and the short- and long-term goals of regional socio-economic development;

Whether the formulated marketing strategy is compatible with the objectives, and the scientific nature of the proposed plan should be fully explained for a variety of strategic programs;

The adaptability and favorable conditions of the scope, marketing, scale, technology, technology and address of the project and the marketing strategy and resource conditions of the project;

Whether the estimation of total project investment, production cost and sales cost is acceptable;

Whether the structure of cash inflows and outflows and the corresponding structure of net cash proceeds meet the expectations of investors and lenders;

Whether the supply of local currency and foreign exchange is sufficient to repay the debt during the life of the project;

  • Sensitivity of accumulated discounted income and annual income to project planning cycle, general inflation, market prices, changes in business environment and unforeseen factors;
  • Whether the key variables of the project have been identified as risks and strategies to control them;
  • Whether the total level of investment in the project is within the financial limits defined by the availability of capital and the financial consequences;
  • The impact of the project on the ecological environment, social benefits, project demolition and relocation, employment reemployment and fair distribution;

Whether the project is sustainable and repeatable for social, regional and industry development;

The dynamics of other relevant factors.

2. The code of conduct of international standards consulting practitioners should have three guidelines, which should be as follows:

Competent work ability, correct and reliable judgment;

Independently complete the prescribed tasks;

Professional, ethical, social and environmental factors can be taken into account in the consultation.

A high standard of service is to meet the above three working principles. Therefore, before accepting the assignment, the engineering consulting company should fully consider the above three very important responsibilities.

3. Evaluate project results and check overall quality

Features of all engineering consulting companies to verify quality management process clothing:

Commitment by senior management in an exemplary manner;

Participation of all;

Continuous improvement and monitoring of the evaluation process;

Development of measurement methods;

Support continuous training of staff; Seek feedback from staff; Monitor staff motivation and attitude towards work;

Inquiries about customer satisfaction by the company itself or on behalf of the company; Conduct in-depth follow-up research on each project or task.

Engineering consulting firms should be happy to accept special investigations, technical reports, project development, planning, patents, aftermath projects, expert testimony, or financial consultants... and other special service projects and promise to complete tasks quickly, with high quality and priority.

4. System guarantee 

According to the requirements of FIDIC, in addition to excellent "hardware" conditions, engineering consultants comprehensively establish and improve various work regulations, norms, absences and regulations is a necessary means to internationalize, and mature high-level large and medium-sized consulting companies at home and abroad have the company's independent work manual.

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