Monday 8 August 2022

Why project work is popular

More and more companies from various industries prefer to work in the project format. Who loves project work, and why it is also profitable for applicants.

IT companies. Having received an order or winning a tender for the development of some software, for example, "creating a visual control system for a bank", "automating the work of a warehouse complex" or "developing a navigation system for a conveyor", the company assembles a team of programmers for "software" and "hardware", RPA specialists, development engineers, analysts, business process specialists, marketers.

Consulting companies. Depending on customer requests, they can attract specialists from completely different fields. To conduct a financial audit: analysts, financiers, accountants. To assess the commercial effectiveness of the company: economists, marketers, sales specialists. To optimize the range of products: brand managers, product managers, technologists.

Law firms. As a rule, law firms have specialization in their structure: family law, land law, tax, arbitration courts. For each of the areas, depending on the amount of work, experts in a certain field are involved: specialists in family disputes, inheritance, divorces, adoptions. To support commercial organizations: experts in taxation, contractual work, arbitration courts.

Why Project Specialists Benefit Companies

  • Financial efficiency. The amount of work on the terms of reference specified in the contract and performed with the proper quality by a certain date is paid, and not the process of a person's stay in the office.
  • Motivation. No costs for HR, trainers, business consultants. A project specialist does not need to be inspired, persuaded, encouraged. This is a contractor, a "self-guided missile": there is a goal, a technical task and deadlines. Failed - flew out of the project and his name was deleted from the database of performers. Did a good job – can count on an offer in the next project of the company.
  • Competition. There is always competition between design specialists, they understand the market situation and strive to receive new contracts, this motivates them to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Risk reduction. If a person did not show himself well on the project, they no longer work with him. The contract is finished, the documents are signed, the name is forgotten. No difficulties with dismissal.
  • Taxes. Increasingly, a project employee is self-employed or an individual entrepreneur. From the point of view of taxation, this is a fundamental difference for the company. Accountants will be grateful.

Why it is profitable for specialists to work in the project format:

  • Freedom. You can work in several projects and not depend on one employer, the whims of management, the success of the company in the market.
  • More money. Working simultaneously in several projects, people earn significantly more than the salary. For example, full-time programmers cost an average of 150-200 thousand per month, and the income of a project specialist finishes up to 300-500 thousand. It all depends on the number of projects, their commercial attractiveness.
  • Intensity. You can adjust your workload depending on life circumstances: drive in afterburner mode, go at cruising speed or switch from running to step. A big plus: you can send yourself on vacation.
  • Security. No one will ever fire or "take out the brain." No one will blackmail with a salary, since the "projector" knows his market value well.
  • Business reputation. The project style of work allows you to quickly form a portfolio and earn a business reputation, this is what brings new orders: the more people know about you, the higher the chance of getting a new contract.

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