Thursday 7 April 2022

Project Investigation report

The project investigation report is a document which may helpful to reporting the results of the study if any business wish to start any project. The report helps the business to understand the current status of market, business conditions, competition, etc...

Analyzing the existing conditions by collecting information from various segments and associated sources to verifying the feasibility for the project establishment. The project investigation report is also called project initiation survey report. Mean, the business establishes the survey to understand the possibility of the project success.


Usually, in the investigation report, the investigation team collects the information from the sources, processing and analyzing the information as per its business needs.


In the project investigation report, there are actually six parts and needs to explain summary of the entire report. Initially, there will be zero section is –


Investigation statement


The statement should be on based on the basic principles. Whenever the investigation statement is released, all the concern documents and the information includes in the report should be true and well documented. Moreover, there one more principle should be strictly followed in the reporting, that is - the details, comparisons, statistics, etc., included in the report should be stately objective and must avoid misleading to readers.


It is obvious that, each project may its own objectives and purposes. However, the purpose of this reporting and investigation should be given the necessary basic for project establishment.


In the statement, it is necessary to describe the methods, usual ways to investigation, and associated details. Herein this section, the report must describe the methods are used in the investigation.


The statement should also include the duration of the investigation. It is necessary to describe the time slab that used for the survey the appropriate segment.


Market Research This is actually one of the important needs of the reporting to extracting details of the market research. In the reporting, it is necessary to describe the market development history and trend of target product. Even, also require to identify the market total and share statistics. It will easier for business to understand the market condition base on the report's data.


Policy Investigations


The report should be including the individual product policy and its needs to comply the end customer requirements. There are actually so many things that needs to review if you have individual product policy.


Similar product surveys


It is much important to include the detailed information of the similar products in the market. Usually, the similar products can be substitute of the product for user in case any prices concern. Usual in the reporting needs to include the details of investigations of similar product features, quality, prices, and key benefits as well drawbacks.


User Surveys


Investigation of existing product market, as well open surveys of users are much appreciating helpful for business to understand the customer needs, current conditions, market trends as well user’s interests. However, the investigation should be conduct old and potential users as well also require to random research of users of the product. The report should also include the users' needs and suggestions.




At the end of the report, it is much appreciably helpful for business to concluding entire report in brief. Usually, summary provides details that helpful to management to understand the report contents at a glance.

Project Investigation report [Project Initiation Survey Report] 

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