Wednesday 9 February 2022

where does the project manager's influence come from?


influence refers to the ability to make others listen to you and follow you. the authority available to the project manager is limited, so the project manager must take care to establish and exert his influence. the influence of project managers comes from the following aspects.


resources can be anything useful, material or immaterial. ownership of a resource is not the same as control of a resource. therefore, as a project manager, you should focus on securing access to project resources.

support from the top is the first important resource available to the project manager, because with the support of the top management of the enterprise, the project manager has enough power to control the other resources of the enterprise. project managers must manage their bosses well.

in addition, resources can be acquired through exchanges with functional managers.


information is also a very important force. for example, secretarial personnel, they are to the leadership service, their work itself does not have much power, but the secretaries have a lot of information, this information is related to many subordinate personnel rewards and punishments, promotion, job distribution, etc., which is crucial to the self-interest of subordinate personnel, so the secretary's words will be listened to by many people.

the information that the project manager needs to pay attention to and grasp mainly includes technical information, information from the social system of the relevant parties, etc.


many project managers come from technical backgrounds, and this advantage is relatively easy for them to obtain.


to successfully manage a project, the project manager must establish good interpersonal relationships with all parties involved in the project.

during the project lifecycle, it is necessary to communicate more with customers, so that you can not only win customer support for the project, but also make the project have an impact on the customer.

positions, powers

authority is the bottom line for project managers.

the success of the project, in addition to satisfying the parties involved, but also to establish and develop a team, so that the people involved in the project can grow.

the project manager has the power to evaluate and recommend, and the project manager should make full use of this power.

some people say that project managers are the most promising people to become general managers. to some extent, this statement is correct, because the management ability of the project manager is more comprehensive and more challenging than that of the functional department. it is difficult for government officials who have not been in charge of one side to have sufficient prestige; similarly, people who have not served as project managers, who have not been front-line leaders, and who have not achieved results under their responsibility are difficult to have prestige in the enterprise.


putting pressure on others can also have a certain influence on others.

project managers can increase their influence by putting pressure on project team members. this pressure can be achieved by setting milestones, constantly checking the implementation of the project through checkpoints in the project process.

milestones can play such a role in constantly encouraging the project team, boosting team morale, and creating a reward mechanism.

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