Monday 7 February 2022

What are the scope of work of the project manager?

this issue of the project management system for everyone to tell: hard work, hard to promote to the project manager, perhaps you think you can breathe a sigh of relief, in fact, there is a project manager encountered such a problem, "i am a project manager, i want to lead by example, in addition to project management things, there are many things i have to do personally, the project manager is responsible, but it is really tired." in fact, a different mentality may be found that the project manager can also do this:

a project team with more than 4 project members, the project manager should only do three things.

first, do things

with goal orientation the first thing to understand is what to do, and the second is how to do it. goals are an important feature of project management, and the principles of project managers are all centered around the project goals, which is conducive to the achievement of project goals without violating the professional ethics and code of conduct of the project manager. goals have short-term goals and long-term goals, it may be a short-term goal to complete the current project according to the goal, and it may be a long-term goal to bring out an efficient team in a year. for non-temporary project managers, it is more important to focus on the long-term goals of the project than to care too much about the short-term benefits of the current project.

second, decompose

the goals defined by oneself the achievement of an overall goal is definitely not something that can be achieved by simply improving an influencing element, and there is still a reaction between the various elements, and it must be comprehensively considered. identify the desired levels to be achieved, and then include those expectations in the plan for tracking and control.

third, the focus of specific practical operations

first of all, the emphasis on risks and crises is far greater than the emphasis on problems. it's not that solving the problem isn't important, but that the project manager should focus more on eliminating risks and hidden dangers. the project manager must have a keen insight, and when various signs or crises are found, they should make a timely response plan. in addition, the project manager must know how to authorize, but ensure that the authorization will not affect the progress and quality, so the project manager is definitely not overstepping the line, doing everything by himself, nor blindly authorizing, not caring about anything, but acting as a good coach.

the project manager, as a team leader, should do the same.

the establishment of a project team forming an efficient project team and clarifying the responsibilities of team members is the primary condition for project management of the project manager, and it is also the key to whether the project objectives can be achieved.

good at organization, appropriate decentralization

the essence of the project manager is to carry out project management, rather than to implement a large number of work tasks. individual energy is limited, it is impossible to master all the knowledge and skills, to dare to believe in others, let others do it, to give full play to the spirit of team combat.

pay attention to interpersonal communication

good interpersonal skills are the first necessary skills for project managers. a good project manager learns to coordinate and communicate with the owner, project team members and the company's senior management, which plays an important role in the success or failure of the entire project. good communication is the way to exchange information, and teamwork is the key to success.

strengthen leadership

the project manager's job is to plan the blueprint, make the plan, and lead the team members to complete the project, rather than implementing each sub-project. delegate certain powers to each team member and assign corresponding responsibilities, combining powers, responsibilities and interests.

the quality that the project manager should have 

➤ have this professional and technical knowledge.
➤ have the motivation to work and take the initiative to take responsibility.
➤ mature and objective judgment ability, maturity means having experience and being able to see problems, and objective means seeing the ultimate goal instead of just looking at the immediate future.
➤ management ability.
➤ honesty and reliability are consistent with words and deeds, and what is promised must be done.
➤ alert, energetic, hard-working, ready to deal with what might happen.

Clarify the content of project management 

➤ the project manager needs to control the various aspects of project management as a whole (contract scope, schedule, cost, quality, safety, human resources, project communication, risk, materials), each of which is crucial.
➤ clarify the management content and grasp the focus of the work on the basis of successful project management.

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