Monday 7 February 2022

Three competencies required for product managers

This article is compiled by the R&D project management system:

1, the spirit of "no self"

Product managers need to be fully engaged in the market and have insight into the various factors in the market. As the "Tao Fa Nature" said, the way of the product is the way to conform to the natural development of society. When looking at the development and demand of the entire product, the product manager needs to examine the environment in the spirit of "no self", only in this way can he see the trend of the market. At this time, the product manager is like a psychic, connecting the calls within the company's organization and outside the market. To achieve "no self" is not to make the product manager into a microphone, because this is only the first step, at this time, the company's technical capabilities, capital situation and other factors do not need to be taken into account, to do unbiased examination of various factors in the market.

When sorting out all the needs, there is no concept of "me", only the idea of the target customer and the target market, and it may be that when doing the consumer market, the product manager as a natural person overlaps with the target customer, but with the expansion of the market and the expansion of the target group, this situation will disappear. So from the beginning, "no self" is the long-term way.

2, "high-level thinking" to analyze after unbiased

collection of various feedback, you need to deal with the collection of various demand sounds. At this time, it is necessary to use high-level thinking, which is the thinking ability of the cerebral cortex, which is the counterintuitive ability accumulated through years of training and knowledge. Using high-level thinking, to analyze every need, to look at every trend, to make rational choices, and to focus on long-term interests, this can effectively avoid "hammer thinking" and short-sightedness.

"High-level thinking" is difficult to train, everyone is born with personal endowments, everyone's brain structure is also different, and the environment in which everyone grows is also very different. "High-level thinking" is the result of each person developing their own brain under these various differences, and the sign of having "high-level thinking" is to be able to calmly overturn their previous decisions and choose the right determination.

3. Help users make choices

After doing the first two steps, you can firmly help the user make a choice, and then wait for the choice of whether the banknote in the user's hand is willing to vote for you. If no user votes for you, it proves that the choice you made does not meet the needs of current users, and you need to readjust and analyze the reasons. But this choice has to be made, and in the business competition, if you don't make a decision, it is impossible to make all the functions that users need, and the cost will drag down the entire company's revenue.

Flash technology completely withdrew from the browser market in December 2020, but in 2010, when Apple chose to abandon Flash and choose HTML on iOS, many people were puzzled. Especially consumer companies, companies have strong technical advantages, and most ordinary consumers do not have the ability to identify in technology, and do not need to have. As a customer-centric company, we must firmly help users make choices.

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