Wednesday 2 February 2022

The project has not progressed, have you tried these 4 tips?

Whether it is to be a person or to do things, we must be full of sincerity, the so-called "golden city to the golden stone for the opening", i believe that your sincerity and hard work will definitely get the due return. blindly starting from their own goals and not considering the overall interests of both sides is often an important reason why the two sides have not negotiated in the end.

At work, more or less, everyone will encounter several difficult projects. there are always a few things that make me feel as if i have exhausted all my strength and made all the tricks, but in the end there is still no progress in the project. 

On the one hand, it will face the risk of project postponement, causing losses to departments or companies; on the other hand, it will inevitably be reprimanded by leaders because of its own lack of promotion, and the pressure will be great. 

So when we encounter that we have not made progress in promoting the project, what ways can we think of to get out of the predicament and make progress?

Horizontal assistance: apply for the assistance of the project manager

Not long ago, I was in charge of a project of the company, mainly to solve the data statistics problem that has been plaguing the platform for a long time. Since the data involves multiple departments and product interfaces, bugs generated by any one interface will lead to deviations in the overall data of the platform. Because I don't understand technology, and the project involves many departments, I have been working very hard to promote product development colleagues in various departments to solve problems, but nearly half a month has passed, and the project has not progressed. To this end, the big boss even issued an ultimatum, which must be resolved before X month X day, otherwise it will affect the year-end performance.

finally, after being instructed by an experienced colleague, it was suggested that i could apply for the intervention of the company's project manager to promote the solution. with the mentality of trying it out one last time, i communicated with the project manager about the background of the matter and the difficulties i am currently encountering, and i quickly got his support. 


The project manager, as the organizer and promoter of the product line of each department of the company, quickly coordinated the resources of each department, confirmed the heads of each party, and clarified the time node. next, i list the requirements every day and keep up to date with the latest progress, and the project manager pushes all parties to actively solve them. all the difficulties were slowly overcome, and the common bugs that plagued the platform for a long time were solved one by one. in the end, in less than a week, with the assistance of the project manager, i successfully completed the project to fix the platform data statistics bug.

it is not difficult to find that if a project involves a wide range of issues, and their influence is not enough to call for coordination of everyone to solve the problem, you can try the horizontal thinking of asking for help, try to contact the project manager to intervene, and promote the solution together. if you don't have a project manager, you can also find a colleague who has more weight in other departments, which can help you open up the nodes together to solve the problem.

Vertical upgrade: request leadership support

remember in the former company, when the platform needed to go online with an important need to support the subsequent online activities. as an operation, i immediately put forward the product request to the product department, but for various reasons, this demand has not been confirmed and launched. as i approached the deadline, my needs have not progressed. as a last resort, i asked my leader for help, saying that i encountered difficulties in promoting the project process and hoped that the leader could lend a helping hand.

so, did the leader help in the end? in fact, in the end, the leader did not directly help, he just pulled a group chat, pulled all the colleagues related to the need into the group, and finally i synchronized the latest progress every day, and formed an email to copy the relevant colleagues. of course, the final result is also relatively satisfactory, and the product requirements are successfully realized before the deadline.

at work, occasionally asking for help from a leader is not a matter of appearing to be incompetent. on the contrary, applying for help from a leader at the right time can solve problems more efficiently. especially when cooperating with other departments, if the resistance encountered in promoting the project can no longer be solved, it will be a wiser choice to apply for the assistance of the leader.

Empathy: adjust the needs appropriately

what can we do if we encounter a project that is still difficult to make progress after seeking foreign assistance?

in fact, many times, the project is difficult to promote smoothly, the fundamental reason is that the interests of both sides have not been agreed. when the other party cooperates with you to complete the project, it may disrupt his own work rhythm, or it may be that the input-output ratio is relatively small. then, you can try to think in a different position and think about the problem from a few more angles.

if you think from the other person's point of view, what do "i" care about most? how do others communicate with "me" so that "i" can easily accept each other's needs?
if you think from the perspective of the company as a whole, what is the main purpose of this demand? what is the most urgent and important point that needs to be achieved?

if you think from the perspective of the future, after half a year, is this demand big enough for the company or for the product? what can i do now to prepare for maximum results?

similarly, think about the problem from several angles, adjust the demand appropriately, you can first realize the most urgent part of the demand, or implement the demand in another way, etc., and finally it is also conducive to solving the actual problem. as the saying goes, "all roads lead to rome", i believe that after careful consideration, you will often have more ideas.

Private talk: private communication to build relationships

Sometimes, in addition to the factors that promote the project itself, such as the interests of both parties, time schedule, etc., it may also be affected by some external factors, such as the relationship between departments, the friendship between colleagues, etc. in this case, we need to pay more attention to our daily work with colleagues in relevant departments to maintain a harmonious cooperative relationship.

If you encounter some things that are really difficult to promote, you can try the thinking of "business and private talk". 


For example, 

To a colleague who is working overtime for your needs, send you a late-night snack that you packed back. Or after work, invite relevant colleagues to have a meal together. In short, talking about problems in another scenario and building relationships through private communication is also a way to solve problems. 

PPT expert Qiuye teacher once said that "1. Business affairs should be discussed in a private atmosphere, and private affairs should be discussed in a working atmosphere, so that the feelings can be harmonious; 2, the most difficult thing, the most effective communication is often in informal communication." That's what it says.

The above four methods are not necessarily a panacea. when you encounter a project that is difficult to promote in your work, you can handle it flexibly and choose one or even more methods to solve it. 


However, i think there is one of the most important principles: whether it is to be a person or to do things, you must be full of sincerity, just as the so-called "golden city to the golden stone to open", i believe that your sincerity and hard work will definitely get the due return. blindly starting from their own goals and not considering the overall interests of both sides is often an important reason why the two sides have not negotiated in the end.

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